Pavimentos de Hormigón Con Bajo Nivel de Ruido (Pavement Note 003) [Spanish, español]

Airports, Highways, Industrial, Local Government Free

Texturizado Suave, Seguro, Duradero y Rentable (LDNG) Las administraciones que gestionan infraestructuras viarias quieren pavimentos con bajo coste de construcción inicial, bajo coste de mantenimiento, buena resistencia al deslizamiento, especialmente en clima húmedo 1, buen confort y calidad de conducción y bajo nivel de ruido. El LNDG cumple con cada...

El Valor del Pavimento de Hormigón (Pavement Note 001) [Spanish, español]

Highways, Industrial, Local Government Free

Beneficios Económicos, Operativos y Sociales Las carreteras de hormigón presentan numerosos beneficios económicos, de accesibilidad y seguridad en comparación con otras opciones de pavimentos flexibles. Esta Nota de Pavimentos presenta un resumen de las últimas novedades que comparan las opciones de pavimentos para cargas pesadas. La intención de esta Nota...

ASCP2021 6th Concrete Pavements (e)Conference – Proceedings

Highways, Industrial, Intermodals/Ports, Local Government
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Outline 2020 tested our flexural capacity and at times strained our mental tensile strength to 85% yield. To maintain tradition, ASCP has worked hard to develop a unique line-up of papers and delivery format for its 6th Concrete Pavements Conference which was delivered in August 2021. Like previous biennial conferences,...

ASCP Forum – Sustainability- Mecla, Westconnex 3b Rozelle & Slab Replacement

Highways, Industrial Members Only

The objectives of MECLA and why cutting embodied carbon matters will be put forward by Hudson Worsley.  How MECLA came to be set up, the findings of its foundation research, who is involved, how it works and what it hopes to achieve will be addressed. Veronica Prado, Timothy Cook and...

ASCP Forum – Maintenance of Concrete Road Pavements – Specifications & Materials

Highways, Industrial Members Only

Sydney has a very large network of State and Local Government concrete roads built from the mid 1920s to the 1950s.  There is an increasing need for slab replacements, but with worksite access typically limited to a single night shift.  Using CSA rapid set cement, there are now 12 years...

ASCP Forum – November 17 2020

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ASCP Forum November 17 2020. Justin Moss - ASCP Report Strategy and Lookahead 2021 Justin Moss - ASCP2021 eConference Update Basil Ben - TfNSW Update Geoff Ayton - ASCP Training Geoff Ayton - Concrete Roundabouts Tim Buckingham Jones - Roundabout Design Daniel Lee - Macrosynthetic Fibres

ASCP Forum – October 20 2020

Airports, Highways Members Only

Presentations from ASCP Forum - October 20 2020. Tim Nash - Partnering for innovative solutions in concrete paving Luc Ramalinga - Airport Infrastructure - From History to the Future Ben Wade - ISCA Net Zero

Concrete Roundabouts

Highways Members Only

Agenda Why concrete roundabouts? Thickness design summary Jointing design summary Construction principles and practices (Geoff Ayton) Concrete roundabout industry resources (Geoff Ayton) Q&A

Concrete Roundabouts – fundamentals of design and construction principles

Highways Members Only

Presentation by Geoff Ayton on design and construction of concrete roundabouts.  

ASCP Training in Concrete Pavements

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Geoff Aytons provides an overview of recent concrete pavement training courses offered by ASCP: Jointing and structural detailing Principles and practices Feedback from attendees is discussed.

TfNSW Rigid Pavements Update

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Contents • TfNSW – Rigid pavements unit update • Technical documents: – Diamond grinding specifications – Other technical documents • TfNSW technology program • Major projects progress • Future challenges

ASCP 2021 Conference Update

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International Keynotes: Neeraj Buch Luc Rens Tom Burnham Abstracts recieved to date: Harmonistion of Concrete Intermodal Pavement Design Basalt Fibre and Rebar in Concrete Pavements CSA cements for Sustainable Concrete GGBFS cement Influence on Flexural Strength of CRCP Concrete Grated Drains by the Slipform Method South Africa’s First Concrete Freeway...