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Tunnels allow rapid and unobstructed transport facilities in big congested cities. Think the recent NorthConnex! Whilst considered an expensive solution, tunnels provide a protected system for the pavement, thus tunnels reduce the maintenance cost of the system, but there are wider considerations in the design, detailing, materials selection and construction...

Australian Pavement Research The Last 20 Years (Mar 1996)

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The road transport system is a valuable and essential part of Australia’s infrastructure in which we all have an enormous stake. However, infrastructure is a long- term investment in the future and consequently receives little attention from the public unless something goes wrong or individually, we are affected by delays...

Overview Of Xxth World Road Congress (Dec 1995)

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About 2700 delegates attended the five-day Congress which consisted of plenary sessions, committee reports and technical tours. The Association’s national infra— structure engineer attended the Congress to assess the relevance of new road technology for Australia. The Congress was organised by PIARC (a more detailed explanation of PIARC can be...

Pavement Asset Management (Aug 1995)

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Pavement performance audits have also assisted engineers to analyse vast amounts of data relating to the performance of various traffickable roads in the municipality. Assessing different rehabilitation or reconstruction strategies requires an understanding of the costs and longevity of different pavement types and treatments. Since rigid pavements outlast flexible pavements,...

Reducing Traffic Noise (Jun 1995)

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Much of the mechanism to minimise the environmental impact of new, and upgrading of existing, roads is described in environmental impact statements (FIS). Recently, the community has played an important role in the preparation of EISs by assessing the potential impact and benefits derived from such statements Prepared by engineers....

Street Furniture (Mar 1995)

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The AMCORD URBAN strategy of the 1990s highlights the need to offer greater and more cost-effective choice of urban housing of quality. Along with this need, the study recognised the relevance of infrastructure in terms of physical and social elements.

Overview Of European Concrete Roads Study Mission (Nov 1994)

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During the first two weeks of October, in excellent weather, a group of six engineers from four Australian States participated in the C&CAA-arranged study mission to Europe. The mission was established to study the topics of: • concrete tollway operations. • road widening/overlays. • quality systems as applied to construction...

Permanent Cycleways (Aug 1994)

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Over the last twenty years municipal planners have gradually accepted the need to plan and implement cycleways for commuter and recreational use. This year saw the release of the new edition of Guide /o Traffic Engineering Practice. Bicycles by AUSTROADS. This technical publication was written with the cooperation of all...

Surface Features For Concrete Pavements (May 1994)

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With residential construction on the rise again, both homeowners and developers are seeking greater variety in pavement materials other than that provided by plain concrete or asphalt. To meet this demand, several Australian companies are producing patterned an4 col our ed concrete surface finishes to enhance paved areas in new...

Precast Culverts And Headwalls Provide Dramatic Savings (Feb 1994)

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Precast drainage structures play an important role in road d infrastructure renewal and augmentation where minimising the interruption to traffic flow during works is vital. In some rural areas there is not always ready access to skilled concrete workers while restricted site access and speed of construction are major challenges....

Victoria Parade Melbourne Three Decades Of Outstanding Performance (Sep 1993)

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The concrete Pavement in Victoria Parade is on the eastbound carriageway between Brunswick and Hoddle Streets in Collingwood, a distance of about 1.25 km. Within the overall alignment of this section of Victoria Parade there is a central reserve containing a tramway, while the westbound carriageway has a flexible pavement...

Recylcing The Pacific Highway (Feb 1993)

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Over the period October 1990 to December 1992 the Roads and Traffic Au1hority (RTA) in NSW has comDleted the rehabilitation of about half a million sauare metres of the Pacific Highway. The work has been located within sections of the Highway from Bulahdelah to the Port Macauarie area. An integral...