National Executive members, per the approved Constitution, is elected every two (2) by members during the Annual General Meeting. As Directors they are entrusted with the responsibility for all matters relating to the continuation of the mission of the Australian Society for Concrete Pavements (ASCP) on behalf of its members. Specifically, the National Executive shall be responsible for the governance, administration and reporting requirements under the relevant governing Act.

Having said that, the National Executive role is to “govern” the organisation rather than “manage”. It is the role and purpose of appointed staff to manage the organisation in accordance with the direction of the National Executive. Thus, except when dealing with specific management delegations of individual National Executive Members, it is misleading to refer to the “management” function of the National Executive. Members of the National Executive, under the Act, must carry out their functions with due care and diligence for the benefit, as far as practicable, of the ASCP. They must disclose any interest in a matter that conflicts with their ability to perform their duties. They must not use their position or information acquired as a committee member dishonestly or misrepresent the Society.

National Executive WEF June 2024

President – Tim Buckingham-Jones, Aurecon Group (Director)

Vice President – James Walker, Transport for NSW (Director)

Immediate Past President – Jamie Egan, Acciona Construction Australia (Director)

Executive Director – Craig Heidrich, HBM Group

Committee Members

Bohdan Dowsing, Dowsing (Director)

Brendan Leader, ARRB Group (Director)

Samuel Henwood, Transport for NSW (Director)

Jun So, Arcadis Australia Pacific (Director + VIC Representative)

Jen Kemp, ARUP (Director)

Shane Dunstan, Aran (Director)

Ben Murray, Seymour Whyte Constructions (Director)

Co-Opted Members (Non-voting)

Caleb Hayde, Aurecon Group (National Forum Convener)

Vacant (QLD Representative)

Anna-Carin Brink, BG&E (WA + SA Representative)

David Slingsby, Slingsby Management (Training Representative)