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Concrete Pavement Design Advanced [CPEE]

Australian training CPEE Training External training Webinar training
Tue 28 Sep, 2021

This is a contiuation of the CPEE Concrete Pavement Design Fundamentals course Intended to inform on the principles & practices involved in concrete pavement design, the course program will closely follow the content in the appropriate Chapters of the Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology – Part 2: Pavement Structural Design and Part 4C: Materials for the Concrete Pavements, which are used as the principal references.

Over two half-days, the course will cover:

  • Review of Fundamentals course principles
  • Reinforcement and Anchor Design
  • Surface finishing and texturing
  • Further review of jointing design
  • Sealants and Joints
  • Maintenance considerations
  • Linking design & construction

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12th International Concrete Pavements Conference [ICCP]

External training Webinar training
Mon 27 Sep, 2021

This virtual conference will carry on the tradition of a series of international conferences begun in 1977 by Purdue University—now organized by the International Society for Concrete Pavements. As with the previous international conferences, the focus of the twelfth conference will be to present information on new technologies related to the design, construction and rehabilitation of various types of concrete pavements. These presentations will include peer reviewed paper presentation and ten sponsored workshops.

Between unknown international travel and limited travel opportunities for state agencies in the United States, we can announce that the 12th ICCP has been moved online for Aug/Sep 2021.  This decision was not taken lightly as the balance between ISCP’s mission of technology transfer and its fiduciary responsibilities required much discussion.

David Dash (1943-2021) Honorary ASCP Member, Industry Legend

Vale David Dash. Passed away peacefully 7 August 2021. David was a brilliant and dedicated engineer whose impact on our industry is impossible to overstate. His tireless and abundant work on technical specifications, test procedures, policy and culture made him…

California Measures Long-Term Performance of Rapid Strength Concrete for Pavement Restoration

California Measures Long-Term Performance of Rapid Strength Concrete for Pavement Restoration

Results of a Southern California freeway survey that set out to determine the short-term and long-term performance of rapid strength concrete for the potential repair and restoration of highway infrastructure work. Deteriorating highway and other infrastructure conditions across the U.S.,…

Benefits of concrete pavements by EUPAVE (2021)

Benefits of concrete pavements by EUPAVE (2021)

Concrete pavements contribute to a reduction of fuel consumption, are 100% recyclable and do so much more. Watch all benefits of concrete pavements put forward in EUPAVE’s promotional video "Concrete roads to the green world"! Following the publication of its…

ASCP Pavement Note 003 published

Pavement Note 003 "Low Noise Concrete Pavements: Smooth, Safe, Durable And Cost-Effective Texturing (LNDG)".  The Note presents a concise summary of the low noise benefits of concrete pavements. It concludes that... "Asset owners want a pavement with low initial cost,…

ASCP2021 6th Concrete Pavements Conference

In light of the current global challenges, ASCP will be holding its 6th Conference live online. The conference will still feature international and local keynote presentations and we will ensure that interraction with the speakers and your colleagues is maxmised.…

ASCP Pavement Note 002 published (in Spanish)

Pavement Note 002 "Sustainable Concrete Pavements: Reduced Environmental Impact Of Concrete Pavements" (Pavimentos De Hormigón Sostenibles: Reducido Impacto Ambiental De Los Pavimentos De Hormigón) is now, thanks for translation by Anefhop, is now available in Spanish. The Note presents a…