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Stephen Ryan Acciona, Corporate Supporter
Chris Sutherland Corporate Principal
Stefan Brozic Project Manager, JK Williams Contracting, Corporate Principal
Rob Newberry Corporate Principal
Xing Wei Corporate Supporter
Jeff Hall Corporate Principal
Hasan Hasanuzzaman Corporate Principal
Jason Keys Corporate Principal
Innika Brown Corporate Principal
Navya Titus Student Engineer', Individual Student
George Birt Arcadis, Corporate Principal
Ian Kroll Corporate Principal
Tim Buckingham-Jones Aurecon, Corporate Principal
Associate, and Pavements Team Leader at Aurecon. Tim is a member of the ASCP National Executive (board) of Australian Society for Concrete Pavements (ASCP).
John Hodgkinson Individual Honorary
Michael Kartsounis Aurecon, Corporate Principal
Daniel Collaros Corporate Principal
Bohdan Dowsing Dowsing, Corporate Industry
Jackie South East Concreting, Corporate Supporter
Daniel Webb Marketing Manager, Corporate Principal
Shad Wall GOMACO/Clark Equipment, Corporate Industry
Timothy Grigg Procurement Officer, Seymour Whyte Constructions, Corporate Industry
Sivakajan Kentheeswaran Corporate Principal
Ahmad Malik Undergraduate Civil Engineer, Individual Student
Kane Latham Evenrange, Corporate Supporter
John Matthews Individual Standard
Andreas Boomkamp Corporate Supporter
Harish Srivastava Corporate Principal
ISCP Board Members Individual Standard
andrew sharkawi Pavement Engineer, Individual Standard
Noora Pradhan Corporate Principal
Simeon Cavens Corporate Principal
Geoff Farrell Individual Standard
Tasha Eagle
Chris Rhodes Corporate Principal
Nicole Liang Pavement Engineer, Arcadis, Corporate Principal
In the phrase ‘Quiet Achiever’, the second part is oft overlooked. Whilst Nicole goes about her design role quietly and without fuss, she achieves a great deal. She takes her role and need for extra-curricular self-education very seriously and executes all activities with diligence and care. With a growing knowledge of pavements, she is increasingly becoming a key go-to problem solver in our team, not just because she is professional, but also because she is with which a friendly person to work
Aziz Mahmood Corporate Supporter
Tran Huyen Vu Postdoctoral Reasearch Associate, Individual Standard
Brett Martin Corporate Principal
Sheena Murugan Corporate Principal
David Dash* Individual Honorary
Consulted in Australia and overseas for past 12 years and with Arcadis and Sydney Motorways Corporation. Formerly General Manager Pavements for 10 years, Manager Major Projects Northern Region and Divisional Engineer Southern Division for Roads and Maritime Services, NSW. David passed away August 2021.
EUPAVE Board Members Individual Standard
Tom Testone Corporate Principal
Diana Milnes Corporate Supporter
Allan Bowman Director, Allan Bowman & Associates Pty Ltd, Individual Standard
Jess Cassidy Corporate Principal
David Groth Corporate Principal
TfNSW Pavements & Geotechnical Manager Northern Region
Ben Cummings Director, bkcconsulting, Individual Standard
Carol Bockelmann Corporate Supporter
Cheri Hobson Corporate Principal
Steve Dalley Corporate Principal
Orlando Sanorjo Corporate Principal
Carlie Martin Corporate Principal
Jinsong Cao Research Engineer, Individual Standard
Louise Loveland Corporate Principal
Ryan Decarteret Corporate Principal
Basil Ben Corporate Principal
Greg Sieders Bluey Technologies, Corporate Supporter
Thushara Thilakaratne Corporate Supporter
Kent Godbersen Vice President Sales and Marketing, Gomaco International, Corporate Industry
Alan Sun Individual Standard
Scott Minards Principal Pavement Engineer, Arcadis, Corporate Principal
Principal Engineer with over thirteen years’ experience in the design, construct and project management of geotechnical and civil engineering projects.
Shaun Walsh Corporate Principal
Dane Hendry Corporate Principal
Chris Verity GM Region East, Clark Equipment Sales, Corporate Industry
Andrew Kiesel Corporate Supporter
Budi Soetanto Corporate Supporter
Jeffrey Lee Individual Standard
FIEAust, CPEng, NER, RPEQ, Ph.D, M.S, B.E(Hon)
Ken Lunty Corporate Principal
Peter Wood Corporate Principal
Jason Clements Corporate Principal
Natasha Bosmangertenbach Corporate Supporter
Todd Myers TSM Civil Project Management Pty Ltd, Individual Honorary
Todd has over 30 years in Construction Industry last 27 involved with Paving Industry. Spent 17 years with Thiess on various projects up and down east coast. Including- Taree Bypass, Bulahdelah Deviation, Bookham Bypass, Karuah Bypass. Formed TSM Civil in 2006 providing project management and engineering support to major contractors and designers.
Peter Carson Individual Standard
Brett Hoad Corporate Principal
Marne Van Tonder Corporate Principal
Sahar Deilami Corporate Principal
Aiden Chilcott Corporate Supporter
Ian Hampton Head of Technical, Antoun Civil Engineering, Corporate Supporter
Nelson Gale Corporate Supporter
Brendan Maher Corporate Principal
Josh Lincoln Individual Standard
Rob Pearce Corporate Principal
Michael Edwards Corporate Principal
Nathan Lammers Corporate Principal
John Rubsov Corporate Principal
Mark Larkan Individual Standard
Niall McDermott Corporate Supporter
Jason Nairn Cement Concrete and Aggregates Association Australia (CCAA), Individual Standard
Peter Tamsett Corporate Principal
Brenton Perry Corporate Industry
Paul McLarnon GOMACO/Clark Equipment, Corporate Industry
Ben Haycock Corporate Principal
Nandini Mehta AUS-SPEC Manager, Individual Honorary
James Allen Corporate Principal
Steven Alford Corporate Principal
Jamie Quintal Corporate Principal
Mike Auty AECOM, Corporate Supporter
I am a Pavement / Civil Engineer with a varied background, having worked in a number of disciplines, such as water, highways, geotechnics and currently pavement.
Geoff Ayton Consultant, Individual Honorary
Yaso Yasotharam Corporate Principal
David Sharman Corporate Principal
Brett Tribe Corporate Principal
Stephen Hulme Corporate Supporter
John Figueroa Director, John Figueroa Consulting Pty Ltd, Individual Standard
John Figueroa is pavement engineering specialist in flexible and rigid pavements. Fellow Chartered Professional Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in pavement engineering and project management. Extensive experience in pavements across the private and public sectors for major infrastructure projects and have been involved in Direct Design, D&C and Alliance forms of contract. His collaborative style has also contributed to my involvement in many of the major highway and motorway upgrades delivered in NSW over the past few years as Subject Matter Expert, Discipline Leader and Technical Advisor. Highly experienced in the assessment of technical risk in infrastructure projects with the ability to influence the implementation of improved practices in pavement design and construction practice, developing and implementing policies, standards, guidelines and specifications. Highly experienced in reviewing pavement designs prepared by others and I have been a key player towards the implementation of innovative pavement technologies in Australia. Currently involved in the implementation of pavement optimisation tools for mechanical stabilisation of pavements using geogrids. Substantial experience in due diligence tasks such as undertaking overall pavement assessment, identification of operational risks and the review of infrastructure expenditure to obtain more value from existing infrastructure.
Vute Sirivivatnanon Professor of Concrete Engineering, University of Technology Sydney, Individual Standard
Greg Nash Corporate Principal
Damian Mulcahey Corporate Principal
Nicol Botha Individual Standard
Anna-Carin Brink ARUP, Corporate Supporter
Anna-Carin has been a Pavement Engineer for more than 36 years. She has been involved in the design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of many road and airport pavements. Designs have varied from unsealed gravel to heavy-duty industrial pavements. She has been based in Perth, Australia since January 2012 and has been working on projects across Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Hong Kong. Her experience in road, airport and hardstand pavement design and construction, documentation and project management, can be summarized as follows: • Specialist in pavement design and contract administration. • Expert in determining the requirements for testing of pavement materials. • Skilled in the supervision of construction projects including road and runway rehabilitation. • Skilled in the preparation of bills of quantities, cost estimates, project specifications, and documentation. • Expert in conducting visual observations and inspections of road, runway and rigid/flexible pavements. • Skilled in locating and evaluating gravel and rock sources for road construction purposes. She is a recognised expert in the Pavement Engineering industry and has authored and presented several papers and publications over the years, covering topics across rigid and flexible pavements. Through her research she has developed industry-recognised innovative and practical solutions to many issues such as the anchor-beam jockey slab transition between flexible and rigid pavement structures. The Weibull probability density function defining aggregate interlock load transfer at joints in concrete pavements, developed for her PhD, has been incorporated in the cncPave software package; used worldwide.
Natasha Waeger Corporate Principal
Ian Archer Corporate Principal
Lincoln Latter Corporate Supporter
Peter Bishton Transport for NSW, Corporate Principal
Ben Stoimenoff Corporate Principal
Louise Grima Corporate Principal
Ranjith Koswanage Corporate Principal
Scott Penfold Manager, Individual Standard
Marc Fernandes Wirtgen Australia, Corporate Industry
Colton Tooth Corporate Principal
Kumar Rathakrishnan Corporate Principal
Daniel Evans Corporate Principal
John Nichols Individual Standard
James Crocaris Corporate Supporter
Brett Butcher Corporate Principal
jason hazell Corporate Principal
Michael Heathwood Technical Specialist, Laing O'Rourke Pty Ltd, Individual Standard
Neil Webb Acciona, Corporate Supporter
Indira Vasikova Student, Individual Student
Ross Armitage Corporate Supporter
Ric Church Corporate Principal
Matthew Lane Corporate Principal
Matt Herrmann Principal Civil Engineer (pavements specialist), John Holland Group, Individual Standard
Steve McGill Cement Australia, Corporate Supporter
Masoud Hashemi Product Manager Floor Joint Systems EUW/APAC, Leviat Pty Limited, Corporate Supporter
Frank Knippers Holcim, Corporate Supporter
Michael van Koeverden Director, CQT Services Pty Ltd, Individual Standard
CQT has been providing specialist engineering advice on construction materials, specification, constructability, durability, life cycle, dispute resolution and expert witness support since 2007, with more than 30 years experience from our Owner / Director- Michael van Koeverden
Glen Spooner Corporate Principal
Chloe Leng Pavement engineer, Aurecon, Corporate Principal
Geoff Russell Corporate Principal
Steve Latham Evenrange Concrete Solutions, Corporate Supporter
Sean Lawrence Corporate Supporter
Craig Whitaker Managing Director, Craig Whitaker Pty Ltd, Individual Standard
Over 45 years in operational roles for concrete producers, concrete mix design, specification and manufacture of concrete and concrete materials, management of concrete plants and quarries, management of concrete supply contracts, Project Management and Precast manufacture and supply. (1) Management of precast facility (2) Design and approval of concrete materials and mix designs (3) Specialist concrete solutions to assist in project constructability (4) Development of innovations including porous concrete pavement, longitudinal tining, diamond grind pavement, cold weather concrete and wet on wet pavements. Craig is a subject matter expert for the TfNSW Grey Card Course.
Brett Ferris Corporate Industry
Albert Sultana Civil Engineer, Individual Standard
KELLY Steeves GOMACO/Clark Equipment, Corporate Industry
Leighton Rennie Corporate Principal
Andrew Sarkady Corporate Supporter
Iain McLean Corporate Principal
David Mangan Corporate Supporter
Peter Kinsley Individual Standard
Nick Lin Corporate Principal
Jonathan Tasker Corporate Principal
Shamim Anwar Transport for NSW, Corporate Principal
Scott Fayers Corporate Principal
Sarif Ridoy Corporate Principal
Leigh Hartog JK Williams Contracting Pty Ltd, Corporate Principal
David Slingsby Slingsby Management Pty Ltd, Individual Standard
Craig Heidrich Managing Director, HBM Group Pty Ltd, Corporate Supporter
Marty LaNauze Head of Sales, Antoun, Corporate Supporter
Malachi Montellano Student, Individual Student
Shannon Drewe Corporate Principal
Evan Hayes Corporate Principal
David Farah Group Manager Quality and Innovation, Adbri Limited, Corporate Supporter
Simon Ouk Solution Support Engineer, Individual Standard
Ben Murray Corporate Industry
Sam Henwood Transport for NSW, Corporate Principal
Ian Allan Corporate Principal
Caleb Hayde Corporate Principal
Jun So Associate Technical Director (Pavements), Arcadis, Corporate Principal
Tasha Eagle Fosroc & Edencrete, Corporate Supporter
Jamie Egan Manager, Quality Technical, Acciona, Corporate Supporter
Specialist in paving and quarrying operations with over 20 years of concentrated experience in asphalt and concrete pavement design and construction. In-depth knowledge of paving and materials was developed during hands-on testing, advisory and management roles with Pioneer Road Services and Blue Circle Southern Cement. 2003 to 2012 I controlled all aspects of paving on several milestone projects, from the M7 Motorway (ALJV) to the Hume Highway Woomargama Alliance (Abigroup). My collaborative nature and innovative leadership in the paving aspects of the Woomargama project ensured the delivery of some of the company’s highest-quality paving and receipt of numerous “Outstanding” KPI scores. Jamie is a connoisseur of all things related to beer.
Danny Toirkens Corporate Principal
Ben Stewart Corporate Supporter
Nathan Wallace Corporate Supporter
Guy Williams JK Williams, Corporate Principal
Bruce Perry Individual Honorary
Chris Dransfield Corporate Principal
Rick Koschel Corporate Principal
Dudley Slater National Manager - Civil, Tremco, Corporate Supporter
Jason Chandler Director, Concrete Insights, Individual Standard
Jason is a chemical engineer and owner and director of advisory company Chandler Concrete Consulting Pty Ltd (trading as Concrete Insights). During his 20+ year career in construction materials Jason has gained extensive experience in designing, producing and supplying paving concrete for major infrastructure and commercial projects in Sydney and regional areas. He is at the forefront of innovations in construction material technology and processes and as well as a focus on technical performance of concrete, he is also passionate about improving the sustainability of concrete as a construction material. He has been involved in numerous collaborative research projects to achieve this goal. Jason is a current director on the board of Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA), a member of Concrete Institute of Australia's (CIA) NSW committee and a past member of the national executive of the ASCP.
George Vorobieff Head to Head International, Individual Standard
Subject Matter Expert for the design, construction and maintenance of concrete and flexible pavements. The author of the “Australian Concrete Road Training Manual” and first CPEE course on “Rigid Pavement Construction”. George introduced UTW overlays in the mid-1990s and diamond grinding 20 years ago into Australia and lead the conversion of the nomographs in the 1992 Austroads pavement design guide to algorithms to allow the development of software for the thickness design process. This also resulted in George developing the first Windows Basic program for thickness analysis. George has written many papers and guides on pavement topics over the last 30 years. He is considered an expert in applying concrete pavement technology for local road, highways, industrial pavements and race tracks. He was the first Australian Director of ISCP and developed the ASCP association after ACPAVE ceased operating.
Jason Hazell Individual Standard
Ajith Kulappurath Individual Standard
Grahame Harris Acciona, Corporate Supporter
Narelle Dobson Corporate Supporter
Dennis Rogers South East Concreting, Corporate Supporter
Tyler Hall Corporate Principal
James Zhang Corporate Principal
Jennifer Kemp Corporate Supporter
Tim Lyle JK Williams Contracting Pty Ltd, Corporate Principal
Roge Plaza Corporate Principal
Andrew Sherwood Corporate Principal
Lourdes Sanchez Corporate Supporter
Colin Dailey Principal Pavement Engineer, Tonkin + Taylor, Corporate Supporter
Richard Spalding Corporate Supporter
Peter Biggs Corporate Supporter
Michael McLean Dowsing, Corporate Industry
Hossein Asadi Transport for NSW, Corporate Principal
Jose Pereira Principal pavement engineer, Individual Standard
Boon Chua PhD Student, Individual Student
Costa Tsemtsidis Corporate Supporter
Keerthi Seneviratne Corporate Principal
Andrew Mula Corporate Principal
April Chiu Aurecon, Corporate Principal
Antonn Russek Corporate Principal
Glenn Hartog JK Williams Contracting Pty Ltd, Corporate Principal
Tony Gant Corporate Principal
Siva Sithamparam Corporate Supporter
Steve Martin Individual Standard
Carlos Solis-Navarro Corporate Supporter
Ashnik Nanoo Senior Pavement Engineer, Arcadis, Corporate Principal
Ashnik is keenly fascinated with every aspect of his work. He enjoys details and affects all designs without compromise. He is collaborative, cooperative and creative in the delivery of all major and minor design work, often finding new ways to do common design tasks, and always looking for opportunities to innovate. Never one to rest of his laurels, Ashnik treats every day as a challenge to improve, and never rejects an invitation for a critique of his work. It’s great to have Ashnik on the team
Peter Bryant Principal Engineer (Pavement Design), Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, Corporate Supporter
I am a registered professional civil engineer with 20+ years experience in Australia and abroad, specialising in pavements and materials technology. I lead the technical governance activities in relation to pavement design for the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.
Manbir Singh Corporate Supporter
Derek Wong Corporate Supporter
Mark James Corporate Principal
Eduardo Alcazar Aurecon, Corporate Principal
Fatima Mirzad Corporate Supporter
Craig Hodder Corporate Principal
Principal Pavement Engineer
Anthony Perera Corporate Principal
Ivan Mihaljevic Principal Engineer, Individual Standard
Kristine Faye Lindo Pavement Engineer (Digital), Arcadis, Corporate Principal
I am a Pavement Engineer and part of the Australian Pavements Team. We deliver a diverse range of design and consulting outcomes
Peter McNally Corporate Principal
John McLeod Corporate Principal
Louwrens Viljoen Corporate Supporter
Malcolm Hill Corporate Principal
Pamela Henderson Corporate Principal
Mark Hickey Individual Standard
Simon Keane AECOM, Corporate Supporter
Henry Tsoi Individual Standard
Daniel Lee Corporate Supporter
Craig Sharpe Corporate Principal
Ryan Jansz Corporate Supporter
John McKechnie Corporate Principal
Kyle Hundloe Corporate Supporter
Mina Hemaia Project Construction Manager, Seymour Whyte Constructions, Corporate Industry
Mark Smith Corporate Principal
Lauren Pervan Corporate Principal
Panduka Manamperi Corporate Principal
Prasanna Punchihewa Corporate Supporter
Con Komselis Individual Standard
Catherine Boatswain Corporate Principal
Anna Mendoza Corporate Principal
Echo Cui Corporate Principal
Curtis Farley Dowsing, Corporate Industry
Riaan van Wyk Corporate Supporter
Thushara Thilakaratne Corporate Supporter
Arvo Tinni* Managing Director, Individual Honorary
As Divisional Engineer DMR Goulburn in the 1980s, he was responsible for many pioneering concrete highway projects in southern NSW during the Fraser Government ABRD Program. Notable among them was the legendary 12km dual carriageway Tumblong Deviation Stage 1 on the Hume Highway. It ushered in the first combination of multi-lane concrete slipform paving and high output concrete site production plants. 2023 marks 40 years since its construction. Arvo passed away in Jan 2023.
Chi Bui Senior Pavement Engineer, Individual Standard
Graham Knight Individual Standard
Prathapa Ravindra Corporate Principal
Mitchell Allen Corporate Supporter
James Walker Transport for NSW, Corporate Principal
Nigel Bond Acciona, Corporate Supporter
Ross Simpson Corporate Principal
Sean Nguyen Corporate Principal
Andrew Tindall Acciona, Corporate Supporter
Philip Pearson Corporate Supporter
Daniel Ingold South East Concreting, Corporate Supporter
Ben Phillipson Corporate Principal
Riaan Briedenhann Corporate Principal
Kasun Kankanamge Aurecon, Corporate Principal
Christian McCallum Corporate Principal
Matthew Quinn GOMACO/Clark Equipment, Corporate Industry
Nidasan Sivasithamparam Corporate Supporter


* Denotes the person is deceased