ASCP Forum (Online) – Specification Updates, Are You Trusted?, New Exec Director, Open Mic

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Concrete is used throughout the World every day in countless diverse applications but it is critically important in terms of performance and durability to understand why the mix design and placement need to be appropriately tailored to suit each application. The inimitable Geoff Ayton will explore what it takes to...

ASCP Forum – Maturity testing | Roller Compacted Concrete | M1RT project | Industry Initiatives

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Maturity testing of concrete, and applications for concrete pavements will be explored by Sabrina Garber from Transtec (USA). On a recent motorway project in Sydney roller compacted concrete was adopted as a working platform for pavement construction on local government roads. The successes and lessons learnt will be explored by...

ASCP Forum – Sustainability- Mecla, Westconnex 3b Rozelle & Slab Replacement

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The objectives of MECLA and why cutting embodied carbon matters will be put forward by Hudson Worsley.  How MECLA came to be set up, the findings of its foundation research, who is involved, how it works and what it hopes to achieve will be addressed. Veronica Prado, Timothy Cook and...

ASCP Forum – November 17 2020

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ASCP Forum November 17 2020. Justin Moss - ASCP Report Strategy and Lookahead 2021 Justin Moss - ASCP2021 eConference Update Basil Ben - TfNSW Update Geoff Ayton - ASCP Training Geoff Ayton - Concrete Roundabouts Tim Buckingham Jones - Roundabout Design Daniel Lee - Macrosynthetic Fibres

ASCP Forum – October 20 2020

Airports, Highways Members Only

Presentations from ASCP Forum - October 20 2020. Tim Nash - Partnering for innovative solutions in concrete paving Luc Ramalinga - Airport Infrastructure - From History to the Future Ben Wade - ISCA Net Zero

Concrete Roundabouts – fundamentals of design and construction principles

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Presentation by Geoff Ayton on design and construction of concrete roundabouts.  

ASCP Training in Concrete Pavements

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Geoff Aytons provides an overview of recent concrete pavement training courses offered by ASCP: Jointing and structural detailing Principles and practices Feedback from attendees is discussed.

ASCP 2021 Conference Update

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International Keynotes: Neeraj Buch Luc Rens Tom Burnham Abstracts recieved to date: Harmonistion of Concrete Intermodal Pavement Design Basalt Fibre and Rebar in Concrete Pavements CSA cements for Sustainable Concrete GGBFS cement Influence on Flexural Strength of CRCP Concrete Grated Drains by the Slipform Method South Africa’s First Concrete Freeway...

Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia – Driving to Net Zero

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Ben Wade presents on behalf of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia on Driving to Net Zero. Agenda: Background on ISCA and Net Zero Industry Role in Achieving Net Zero ISCA's Role in Achieving Net Zero

Airport Infrastructure – From History to the Future

Airports Members Only

Luc Ramalinga presents on Airport Infrastructure - From History to the Future. Objective of this Presentation: - Give an insight of how a client approaches airport pavement management - The History of Airport Pavements - The Impact and Opportunities of COVID-19 - Future Research Opportunities

Partnering for innovative solutions in concrete paving: A tour of a few key concrete states in North America

Highways, Local Government Members Only

Tim Nash presents on Partnering for innovative solutions in concrete paving. The presentation covers: General overview of US concrete paving market (Covid effect, spending outlook and market characteristics) Paving manufacturer focuses (mold design, frame/chasis design, control systems, attachments) Discussion of various recent projects (Interstate, local roads, safety barriers)

Macro Synthetic Fibres – Potential Uses in Pavements [MSFRC]

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Presentation Overview What are Macro Synthetic Fibres Review of Current Practice (Global, National, Domestic & SRAs/DoTs) Current and potential applications Recommendations What are Macro Synthetic Fibres? Available commercially since the early 2000s Intended to be used as a replacement for steel mesh reinforcement and not for structural steel design. Manufactured...