ASCP August 2023 F2F Forum: Local Road Pavements, SCM’s and Sustainable Cements, Trial Report and Lesson’s Learned, GFRP and Cast in Loops.

Concrete Pavements: Lessons Learned, SCM's and Sustainability

The days sessions consisted of Nandini Mehta (NATSPEC) present on specifications for concrete pavement in local roads, followed by an exploration of SCMs in construction by Dr Daksh Baweja (BG&E). Mike Auty (AECOM) presented on lessons learned during a recent Crack and Seat/Rubbilisation trial in QLD and Xavier Delattre (Twintec Australia) informed the audience of an innovative product, utilising recycled tyre steel to produce steel fibres for pavements.

Following the networking lunch, Kerolos Kodous (Madewell Products) explored the world of GFRP supply and Jamie Egan (Acciona) closes out our speakers, with a lessons learned presentation of the use of cast in loops on the Northern Connector project. Jamie then concluded the day providing a general update for the ASCP regarding the upcoming 7th ASCP Concrete Pavements Conference - scheduled to take place on the 23rd & 24th of October in Wollongong, NSW.

We hope that our attendees enjoyed this opportunity to engage with our presentations and contribute to discussion.

Forum Topics and Presentations

- Specifications of Concrete Pavements in Local Roads
- Exploration of SCM’s in Construction
- Crack and Seat/ Rubbilisation
- Utilising Recycled Tyre Steel to Produce Fibres for Pavements
- Exploring the World of GFRP Supply
- Cast in Loops : Northern Connector Project

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