ASCP Forum Series (F2F) Tuesday 11th of June 2024 : Presentations and Recording

The morning session included Peter Carson (Carson Group) delivering a Concrete Pavements Overview of Hexham Straight, followed by David Kelly (Transport for NSW) who walked us through Transport for NSW’s Sustainable Infrastructure Program.

After morning tea, Jason Chandler (Concrete Insights) examined the innovation process and its impact on lower carbon concrete.  Next, Michael Moffatt (NTRO) delivered an insightful presentation titled – ‘Greenhouse Emissions – The Elephant on the Pavement’, which lead into our networking lunch. Shortly following lunch was Technical & Quality Director Luciano Periera (Crosbe) who delivered his presentation on ‘Rapid Set Concrete – Overview and Project Updates’ with his colleague Alexander Bradatsch from NA Group, followed by Michael van Koeverdan (CQT) who rounded up the day, presenting on ‘The Future use of High Fly Ash Pavement Materials’.

James Walker (ASCP VP)  provided a general update and addressed any recent or upcoming ASCP news and/or events. 

The line-up of presentations :

  • Peter Carson (Carson Group)
  • David Kelly (TfNSW)
  • Jason Chandler (Concrete Insights)
  • Michael Moffat (NTRO)
  • Luciano Pereira (Crosbe)
  • Michael Van Koeverdan (CQT Services) 

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Access the June 2024 Forum Recording Here 

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