Purpose and Goals of the New European Concrete Paving Association (EUPAVE)

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This presentation outlines the history of concrete pavement associations in Europe and the informed rationale behind the formation of EUPAVE. Please note this presentation is in .pps format

Concrete road pavement construction training

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A range of training units are presented for concrete paving workers, including: Concrete deliveries Conduct concrete paver operations Curing and Texturing Finish concrete Handle concrete materials Place and Compact concrete Saw and Cut concrete Seal Pavements Stringlines Tie Bars Use concrete materials and equipment

ISCP Conference Report, Performance of Silicone Seals

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RMS Quality Alert - Sealants Silicone Seal Performance - ASCP report ISCP Advanced Workshop Overview ASCP Scholarship Report - session 1 ASCP Scholarship Report - session 2

Light Rail Track Slab design

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Design standards  Australia ‒ TfNSW Asset Standards Authority requirements ‒ Somewhat relevant perhaps…  Australian Standard (AS) 5100 Bridge Design  Austroads (AGPT02) ‒ Catalogue approach (standard details)  VicTrack / Yarra Trams  Europe ‒ BS EN 16432-1:2017 Railway applications – Ballastless track systems  Other ‒ TCRP...

ASCP Forum Sydney 6 May, 2019

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In the public domain, concrete pavements are often used as the foundation beneath urban design requirements such as granite pavers, precast concrete and concrete block paving. Anna-Carin Brink will highlight basic principles which, if adhered to, will result in relatively maintenance-free pavements where an architect’s dream does not become the...

ASCP Forum Sydney 21 Oct, 2019

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Forum flyer to be found Kevin Abrams

ASCP Forum Sydney 22 Jun, 2009

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Flyer to be provided by Kevin Abrams Presentations by: Robert Smith - Airports Shane Dunstan - Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement Brian Shackel - Interlocking Block Paving John Knapton - Ports Bruce Rodway - Airports Weeks White - Construction & Geotechnical

Aggregates, admixtures and Lean Concrete Subbase

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Aggregates - van Koeverden Performance Criteria for LCS - G Ayton Admixtures - D'Souza

Drainage, construction and materials for concrete pavements

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Subsurface Drainage - Update on RMS Standards RMS Specification 3211 - Cement Specification Changes Slab Replacement Pumping - video - ref J Allen Slab Joint Pumping - video - ref. J Allen Structural Design - The Role of Transverse Reinforcement Paver Operations - Forming Time & Retempering - G Ayton

Drainage, dowels, sustainability and maintenance challenges

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Ditjet - Automated Subsoil Drainage Installation Dowel Design for Concrete Pavements S Daher 2020 6th Concrete Pavement Conference Announcement K Abrams 2020 ASCP Strategy and Membership Involvement Update J Moss 2020 TfNSW Rigid Pavements update B Ben 2020 G Ayton & S Daher - Dowels - A review of products...

Concrete pavements major projects database, Industrial pavements project report – joint system solution, Concrete supply to major road infrastructure projects, CCAA industry support, Vehicle detector loops, Curing compounds

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ABOUT THIS FORUM Picking up where RMS left off, ASCP has liberated and extended a list of concrete pavement major projects to an online environment for access and editing. Project records extend as far back as 1975 and record key attributes of each project, such as type, contractor, year open...

History of local concrete roads, roundabouts, cycleways and maintenance of concrete pavements

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History of LG Roads - J Nichols Roundabouts - G Ayton Cycleways - D Dash Diamond Grinding - P Miskell Maintenance - J Figueroa