ASCP Forum – Sustainability- Mecla, Westconnex 3b Rozelle & Slab Replacement

Recording of Forum (Online) held 29 June 2021, and Presentations

The objectives of MECLA and why cutting embodied carbon matters will be put forward by Hudson Worsley.  How MECLA came to be set up, the findings of its foundation research, who is involved, how it works and what it hopes to achieve will be addressed.

Veronica Prado, Timothy Cook and Harrison Heycott from John Holland will provide details regarding the concrete products they are trialing in the WestConnex project’s haul roads and public shared user paths, and how these sustainable products will affect placement and speed of construction.

Jason Chandler will offer the concrete supplier’s perspective in discussing the collaboration ethos that existed at WestConnex 3B between asset owner, contractor and supplier.  He will also touch on some of the constraints on suppliers with regard to incorporating certain ‘sustainable’ materials such as glass and flyash.

The Hume District in the TfNSW Southern Region has over 700 carriageway kilometres of concrete pavements, including on the Hume and Federal Highways. Chandra Kasturiarachchi will outline the issues associated with slab replacement.

The new ASCP website is up and running with a significant increase in use compared with the old site.  Justin Moss will provide some tips regarding its use.

Registrations are open for the ASCP 2021 6th Concrete Pavements E-Conference in August.  Jamie Egan will provide a brief preview of what to expect.

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