ASCP 2021 Conference Update

Presentation by Justin Moss on ASCP 2021 Conference Update from ASCP Forum on November 17 2020

International Keynotes:

  • Neeraj Buch
  • Luc Rens
  • Tom Burnham

Abstracts recieved to date:

  • Harmonistion of Concrete Intermodal Pavement Design
  • Basalt Fibre and Rebar in Concrete Pavements
  • CSA cements for Sustainable Concrete
  • GGBFS cement Influence on Flexural Strength of CRCP Concrete
  • Grated Drains by the Slipform Method
  • South Africa’s First Concrete Freeway
  • CRCP for Rural and Urban applications
  • Smarter Pavements with SmartCrete
  • Recycled Crushed Class in Concrete Pavements.

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