ASCP Forum – Innovation, Sustainability & Low Carbon Concretes – Tuesday 31st May 2022

Resources for ASCP May 2022 Forum

Innovation, Sustainability, Low Carbon Concretes: How can we achieve in Pavements – was the hotly anticipated topic of our May 2022 Forum. The Australian cement and concrete sector has a long history of reducing its CO2 emissions having delivered a 25 percent reduction since 2000 [VDZ 2022] being a critical material input for durable and cost-effective concrete pavements.

The goal for this forum was to bring together all actors within the concrete pavement supply chain and understand the challenges, drivers, tools and possible pathways towards decarbonising cement, concrete and accordingly the competitive advantage of concrete pavements by 2050.


  • Ross Guppy National Technical Specification Project (Austroads)
  • Ken Lunty Pavement Sustainability Assessment (Arcadis)
  • Brook Hall Sustainability Assessment Tool for pavements (ARRB)
  • Jason Nairn VDZ Report – Road Map to Net Zero 2050 (CCAA)
  • Jason Chandler Innovation Process (Boral)
  • Craig Heidrich  Landscape for SCM Contribution to Net Zero (Craig Heidrich, ASAA, ADAA)
  • Stephen Rae NACoE Project S51: Suitability of the Use of Recycled Aggregate in Concrete (TMR)
  • Sam Henwood State Road Update (TfNSW)

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