ASCP Forum Series + AGM (F2F) Tuesday 26th of March 2024 : Presentations and Recordings

For the first F2F Forum of the year , we will kick off this Forum with a presentation delivered by Dr Anna - Carin Brink (BG&E) as she reports on the  ‘EU Pave 14th International Symposium on Concrete Roads’ and gives insight into the European concrete paving Industry. Dr Hamidreza Sahebzamani (SAMI Bitumen Tech) will present on on recent laboratory studies comparing bond strength of SAMIBond to other materials, followed by the ASCP 2024 Annual General Meeting at 11:30am conducted by Jamie Egan (Acciona) and Craig Heidrich (ASCP) followed by Craig Heidrich (ADAA) with a presentation on 'Low Carbon Concrete'.

We then move into John Hodgkinson (ASCP) presenting on 'The basic model of concrete behavior that has led to contemporary practice for jointed pavements and the ensuing options, plain or reinforced, open to designers.' and Geoff Ayton (ASCP) exploring the ' Observations on world infrastructure condition'. To finish the day we move into Adam O'Callaghan (Acciona) discussing the 'Importance of quarry material selection' and Tim Buckingham-Jones (Aurecon) giving an overview of  'The German Concrete Pavement Experience'.

Jamie Egan will facilitate the Q&A session before wrapping up the Forum with information regarding ASCP updates and the Gunlake Quarry Tour Promotion.

The line-up of presentations :

  • Dr Anna - Carin Brink (BG&E)
  • Dr Hamidreza Sahebzamani (SAMI Bitumen Tech)
  • AGM (by Craig Heidrich & Jamie Egan)
  • Craig Heidrich (ADAA)
  • John Hodgkinson (ASCP AM)
  • Geoff Ayton (ASCP)
  • Adam O'Callaghan (Acciona)
  • Tim Buckingham-Jones (Aurecon)

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have difficulty with any of the below links.

Access the March 2024 Forum + AGM Recording Here 

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