Reliability Of Strength-Maturity Correlation To Predict In-Place BCSA Cement Concrete Strength : Aziz Mahmood

Reliability of strength-maturity correlation to predict in-place BCSA cement concrete strength

Aziz Hasan Mahmood1, Ian Hampton2

1 Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney, NSW 2007 2 Head of Technical, Antoun, Guildford, NSW 2161


This paper details the formulation of a strength-maturity correlation for BCSA cement concrete and its utilisation in predicting the in-place strength of slabs installed at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport taxiway Sierra as per the project specification. The paper presents the critical stages of construction and presents critical findings of laboratory tests, field measurements, and numerical calculations. The analysis reported is based on the largest set of temperature data ever recorded on BCSA cement concrete (and ultra-high early-strength concrete) in Oceania. Besides the strength-maturity correlation, the monitoring of in-place concrete temperature provided information on the temperature profile of the concrete at several key locations, indicative of the degree of the exothermic hydration reaction. Based on the recorded temperatures and proposed numerical procedures, the actual strength of the cast-in-place concrete was predicted that assisted in identifying the optimal time for contraction joint cuts and reopening the pavements to air traffic. This contributed to shortening the work shifts and speeding up the work schedule. A trend in maturity function and the concrete temperature was established and can be reliably utilised to predict in-place BCSA cement concrete strength in similar future applications.


Dr Aziz Mahmood is a Lecturer at UTS and an Adjunct Lecturer at UNSW with a research track record in rapid-set concrete, alkali-activated and geopolymer concrete, alkali-silica reactivity, and low-carbon concrete. Aziz has 10 years of work experience in laboratories within both research and commercial sphere. Forging collaborative relationships, he aims to coordinate research strategy and propel innovative engineering solutions with a vision to assist Australia’s technology-led approach to emissions reduction.

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