Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag in Concrete and Stabilisation

Edwin W. Haber

St. KiIda, Melbourne, Australia 24 October, 1994

Blended Slag Cements in Australia:  Modern blending plants nowadays pemit the blending of virtually any combination of cement and additive(s) including fly ash, silica fume, and ground granulated iron blast furnace slag (GGBFS), not to mention the addition of lime often required for stabilisation. However, for this presentation the focus is mainly upon GGBFS. For use in concrete, the GGBFS is blended with General Purpose Portland Cement (GP)- otherwise referred to as Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) or “Type A” or “Type ACSE”, the latter being derived from the Association of Consulting Structural Engineers of New South Wales and currently being superseded by “Type SL” in compliance with the Australian Standard AS 3972. In the case of the slag cements for use in concrete, the proportion of slag varies from around 35% slag referred to herein as “General Purpose” to around 65% (between 60 to 70%) referred to as “High Slag” or “Marine Grade” cement.


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