Building A Faster Concrete Pavement : Shane Dunstan

In his early years, Shane was visiting concrete projects around Australia, playing in stockpiles and climbing the machines, well before OHS and PPE were a concern.  From spending a month producing slipform concrete in Postdam Germany in 1992 through to a 75,000m2 RCC industrial payment in Iowa USA last week, he has experience with a broad range of materials, cementitious pavement types and project demands.  As the CEO of the Aran brand of mixing plants and Australian representative for Power Curbers and other related brands, his primary passion is the development and promotion of new construction methods involving cementitious materials, whether that be slotted drains, mine backfill, slipformed concrete profiles or Roller Compacted Concrete.

RCC Pavements

  • An unreinforced Rigid Concrete Pavement.
  • Compressive Strength; 28 to 65 MPa
  • Flexural Strength; 3 to 7.5 MPa
  • Modulus of Elasticity; 20,000 to 38,000 MPa Flexural Strength important.
  • Cement content typically 12 to 16% of dry aggregate weight.
  • Placed at Optimum Moisture Content for Compaction (OMC) to maximum practical density.



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