ASCP Forum (Online) – Tunnels Pavements, Concrete Supply, Procurement – Tuesday 12 April 2022

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Tunnels allow rapid and unobstructed transport facilities in big congested cities. Think the recent NorthConnex! Whilst considered an expensive solution, tunnels provide a protected system for the pavement, thus tunnels reduce the maintenance cost of the system, but there are wider considerations in the design, detailing, materials selection and construction...

ASCP Forum – Pavement Maintenance and Upgrades, Annual General Meeting, Occasional Speaker, Inaugural Industry Awards Evening

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With an eye to future rehabilitation solutions, John Hodgkinson re-visited a CRCP overlay constructed on the Hume Highway, just north of Holbrook, in 1992. A significant milestone was reached in June 2021 as the first BCSA Rapid Set Concrete slab celebrated its 10th Birthday in Australia at Sydney International Airport. Since this...

ASCP Forum (Online) – Specification Updates, Are You Trusted?, New Exec Director, Open Mic

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Concrete is used throughout the World every day in countless diverse applications but it is critically important in terms of performance and durability to understand why the mix design and placement need to be appropriately tailored to suit each application. The inimitable Geoff Ayton will explore what it takes to...

ASCP Forum – Maturity testing | Roller Compacted Concrete | M1RT project | Industry Initiatives

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Maturity testing of concrete, and applications for concrete pavements will be explored by Sabrina Garber from Transtec (USA). On a recent motorway project in Sydney roller compacted concrete was adopted as a working platform for pavement construction on local government roads. The successes and lessons learnt will be explored by...

ASCP Forum – Sustainability- Mecla, Westconnex 3b Rozelle & Slab Replacement

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The objectives of MECLA and why cutting embodied carbon matters will be put forward by Hudson Worsley.  How MECLA came to be set up, the findings of its foundation research, who is involved, how it works and what it hopes to achieve will be addressed. Veronica Prado, Timothy Cook and...

ASCP Forum – Maintenance of Concrete Road Pavements – Specifications & Materials

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Sydney has a very large network of State and Local Government concrete roads built from the mid 1920s to the 1950s.  There is an increasing need for slab replacements, but with worksite access typically limited to a single night shift.  Using CSA rapid set cement, there are now 12 years...

Roller Compacted Concrete, Concrete for Low Traffic Roads, Joint Seal Trial, Transport for NSW Update

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RCC is a no slump concrete placed by an asphalt paver and compacted with vibratory rollers. Corey Zollinger will outline the many benefits of RCC including speed of installation and opening to traffic. His presentation will include recent advances in mixtures with admixtures, aggregate selection and surface finishes. Following recent...

Brisbane airport new runway, Shrinkage control and measurement, Achieving ride quality, Concrete Pavement Value Pavement Note 001 Overview

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This On-Demand Forum presented 18 May 2020 covers: Brisbane airport new runway – Design of the concrete pavements, Ian Thompson Senior Principal -Pavements Jacobs. As the construction of the new runway at Brisbane airport nears completion, Ian Thompson will outline the pavement design process with an emphasis on the concrete...

How to Replace Airport Pavement in Under 6 Hours | Recycled Glass in Concrete Pavement | SmartCrete CRC | Concrete Highway Pavements – German Autobahns and USA Interstates. Links with Australian Practice since 1980

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Summary of this Forum - Pavement maintenance imposes significant commercial consequences, particularly for airports where alternative paths are limited.  For a long time, the requirement of a lengthy curing period partially impeded the benefits of concrete pavements.  Nouas Al Mandowi will provide an overview of the technology and processes involved...

Sustainability Ratings, Specifications for Local Government, Largest Rigid Pavement Project Update, Belitic CSA, Lug Anchor Design, Indian slipforming history

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July 2020 - On Demand Forum Two x 2hr video presentations IS Rating| Local Government Specifications | W2B Slipform Experience | Lug Anchor Design | BCSA Cements