AUS-SPEC Rigid Pavements Worksections

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It would be great if the ASCP members can volunteer to review the following attached AUS-SPEC rigid pavements work sections: 1131 Roller compacted concrete subbase 1132 Lean mix concrete subbase 1133 Plain and reinforced concrete base 1134 Steel fibre reinforced concrete base 1135 Continuously reinforced concrete base Attached below is...


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Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag in Concrete and Stabilisation Edwin W. Haber St. KiIda, Melbourne, Australia 24 October, 1994 Blended Slag Cements in Australia:  Modern blending plants nowadays pemit the blending of virtually any combination of cement and additive(s) including fly ash, silica fume, and ground granulated iron blast furnace...

Conference Workshop : Moon Won / Eric Ferrebee


Summary Base thickness design – challenging Optimum steel depth – for thicker slabs, longitudinal steel needs to be above the mid-depth; otherwise, there could be horizontal cracking and distresses. Primary cause for distresses at TCJs is poor consolidation of concrete – no need for additional steel.  

Portland Calcium Sulphoaluminate Cements For Rapid Pavement Repair : Liam Devlin


Portland Calcium Sulphoaluminate Cements for Rapid Pavement Repair Liam Devlin 1, 1 Chief Scientist, BSC Chem, PERAGRENE 2 Postgraduate supervisor, Visiting Fellow, ARC Training Centre- Chemical Industries, School of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, UNSW, Sydney ABSTRACT Belitic Calcium Sulphoaluminate (BCSA) cements have dominated ultra-rapid repair concrete for over 30 years....

Reliability Of Strength-Maturity Correlation To Predict In-Place BCSA Cement Concrete Strength : Aziz Mahmood


Reliability of strength-maturity correlation to predict in-place BCSA cement concrete strength Aziz Hasan Mahmood1, Ian Hampton2 1 Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney, NSW 2007 2 Head of Technical, Antoun, Guildford, NSW 2161 ABSTRACT This paper details the formulation of a strength-maturity correlation for BCSA cement concrete and its utilisation in...

Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation Using HES Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete : Peter Carson


Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation using HES Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Peter Carson1, Chris Sinclair2, Jaun Meyer3, Kriti Dhital4, Bryce Neely5, Mark James6 1 Engineering Manager, B Eng (Civil), B Surv, MPTech, MPM, Carson Group 2 B Eng (Civil), Georgiou Group 3 Senior Assoc Engineer, BSc Hons (Civil Eng), SMEC Australia 4...

30 Year Performance Of A Unique Pavement Material : Michael Van Koeverdan


30 Year Performance of a Unique Pavement Material Michael van Koeverden1, Peter Heeley2 1 B.E.(Civil), F.I.E Aust, CPEng, NER, IntPE(Aus), RPEQ, RPE NSW, DBP NSW, Director, CQT Services 2 B.E., Grad Dip (Bus Man), Prof Cert Arb, Professional Associate, CQT Services ABSTRACT In 1994 the former NSW electricity utility Pacific...

Using Carbon Nanotube Enriched Liquid Additive Technology To Improve Concrete Durability and Design Life Contributing As a Sustainable Solution : Tasha Eagle


Using Carbon Nanotube enriched liquid additive technology to improve concrete durability and design life, contributing as a sustainable solution. Tasha Eagle1, 1 Product Segment Specialist & BDM, FOSROC ABSTRACT Carbon nanotube (CNT) enriched liquid additives, when used in the design and construction of concrete result in improved durability and strength....

Building A Faster Concrete Pavement : Shane Dunstan


In his early years, Shane was visiting concrete projects around Australia, playing in stockpiles and climbing the machines, well before OHS and PPE were a concern.  From spending a month producing slipform concrete in Postdam Germany in 1992 through to a 75,000m2 RCC industrial payment in Iowa USA last week,...

Industrial Floor Joints: Design And Construction Challenges : Masoud Hashemi


Industrial Floor Joints: Design and Construction Challenges Arslan Awan1, Masoud Hashemi2 1 Structural Engineer, Leviat Aus/NZ 2 Floor Joint Systems Product Manager, Leviat (MIEAust|CPEng|CMEngNZ) ABSTRACT Joints play a significant role in the performance of concrete industrial floors. To achieve desirable load transfer capability across the joint and meet the flatness...

Urban Concrete Applications (Track Slabs, Cycling Paths, Roundabouts) : Anna-Carin Brink


Concrete Pavements in the Public Domain Dr Anna-Carin Brink1, 1 Associate-Principal, Pavements Lead Australasia, BEng, Meng, PhD, ARUP ABSTRACT The aim of this paper is to highlight the fact that where it comes to the Public Domain, the impact of incorrectly designing concrete pavements and also architectural features such as...

Importance Of Materials And Construction Quality For CRCP Performance : Moon Won


Moon Won gained his BSCE from Seoul National University, MS and Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. He began his career at the Texas Department of Transportation, where he worked on roadway design, concrete materials and pavement for over 14 years. He was the Director of the Concrete...