ASCP Forum – October 20 2020


Presentations from ASCP Forum - October 20 2020. Tim Nash - Partnering for innovative solutions in concrete paving Luc Ramalinga - Airport Infrastructure - From History to the Future Ben Wade - ISCA Net Zero

Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia – Driving to Net Zero


Ben Wade presents on behalf of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia on Driving to Net Zero. Agenda: Background on ISCA and Net Zero Industry Role in Achieving Net Zero ISCA's Role in Achieving Net Zero

Macro Synthetic Fibres – Potential Uses in Pavements [MSFRC]


Presentation Overview What are Macro Synthetic Fibres Review of Current Practice (Global, National, Domestic & SRAs/DoTs) Current and potential applications Recommendations What are Macro Synthetic Fibres? Available commercially since the early 2000s Intended to be used as a replacement for steel mesh reinforcement and not for structural steel design. Manufactured...

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Pavimentos De Hormigón Sostenibles: Reducido Impacto Ambiental De Los Pavimentos De Hormigón (Pavement Note 002) [Spanish, español]

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LOS PAVIMENTOS DE HORMIGÓN Y SU REDUCIDO IMPACTO AMBIENTAL Los pavimentos de hormigón causan menor impacto ambiental que los pavimentos asfálticos. Esta nota resume los últimos hallazgos que comparan los aspectos de sostenibilidad de las dos principales opciones de pavimentos para tráfico pesado. A su vez, proporciona a los organismos...

RONDA – Pavement Noise Measurements on Concrete Roads

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Road traffic noise affects approximately 8 million people in Australia with 2 million seriously affected, far more than from other forms of transportation. As the principal source of road noise is from the tyre/pavement interface and, given that concrete pavements are preferred by many road authorities due to its hard...

Merits and Challenges of Increasing Limestone Addition in Cement Used in Concrete Pavement Construction

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Portland cement has undergone much change in recent decades to cater for rapid construction cycles, longer design life and environmental pressure. Increased fineness, the advent of Portland blended cements incorporating one or more supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), and reduced clinker content via mineral addition have been the key technological solutions...

Geopolymer and High Volume Fly Ash Concrete for Pavements

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Much interest has been shown in improving the sustainable performance of concrete. The use of cement replacement materials and geopolymer concrete offers benefits in terms of reduced carbon footprint and enhanced properties. This paper reviews the properties of geopolymer concrete and concrete with high levels of cement replacement materials relevant...

Use of recycled concrete aggregates in concrete pavements

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The quality of the input of fine and coarse aggregates for concrete has an influence on the quality and consistency of the new concrete, and this is particularly applicable when recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) are incorporated in the concrete. The overseas literature indicates that where substitutions do not exceed 20%,...

The Role of Quality Assurance in Delivering Long-Life Concrete Pavements

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The fundamental goal of any pavement design and construction project is to provide a pavement system that will survive the predicted traffic and environment for the pavement design life. Structural design is primarily considered as the way to meet that goal. Concrete mixtures and construction practices are generally assumed to...

Use of Manufactured Sand in Concrete Pavement

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Recent research by the Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) focused on the selection of manufactured sands for general concrete applications and for concrete road pavements. Selected manufactured sands can be used as part of the fine aggregates to deliver workable concrete for general applications and to provide good skid...

Implications of Using Manufactured Fine Aggregates in Concrete Pavements

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The International Center for Aggregates Research has been performing research on the use of manufactured fine aggregates (MFA) for over 15 years. The first issue was the high amounts of micro fines, i.e. minus 75 μmm, that typically exceed the amounts permitted by ASTM C33 in the production of concrete....

Key Components in Long Term Sustainability of Concrete Pavement Systems & Sustainability Considerations for PCC Pavement Design and Construction

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This paper addresses key issues regarding important factors affecting the sustainability and long-term performance of PCC pavement structures. Key distress types and their associated features are discussed in terms of their effect on performance and sustainabilityin terms of specific pavement components. Relevantmaterialproperties are also identified and discussed as to how...