ASCP2021 6th Concrete Pavements (e)Conference – Proceedings

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Outline 2020 tested our flexural capacity and at times strained our mental tensile strength to 85% yield. To maintain tradition, ASCP has worked hard to develop a unique line-up of papers and delivery format for its 6th Concrete Pavements Conference which was delivered in August 2021. Like previous biennial conferences,...

ASCP Forum – Maintenance of Concrete Road Pavements – Specifications & Materials


Sydney has a very large network of State and Local Government concrete roads built from the mid 1920s to the 1950s.  There is an increasing need for slab replacements, but with worksite access typically limited to a single night shift.  Using CSA rapid set cement, there are now 12 years...

ASCP Forum – October 20 2020


Presentations from ASCP Forum - October 20 2020. Tim Nash - Partnering for innovative solutions in concrete paving Luc Ramalinga - Airport Infrastructure - From History to the Future Ben Wade - ISCA Net Zero

Airport Infrastructure – From History to the Future


Luc Ramalinga presents on Airport Infrastructure - From History to the Future. Objective of this Presentation: - Give an insight of how a client approaches airport pavement management - The History of Airport Pavements - The Impact and Opportunities of COVID-19 - Future Research Opportunities

CRCP Rehabilitation Design to Rectify Mine Subsidence Damage on M1 Motorway

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This paper details the concrete reinforced concrete pavement rehabilitation design required to rectify the damage due mine subsidence on the M1 Motorway north of Cockle Creek Killingworth. Concrete pavement settlements had been monitored from July 2003 to November 2010 at a series of locations along the northbound and southbound carriageways....

The Performance of Low Noise Diamond Grinding (LNDG)

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Conventional diamond grinding has been used in Australia since 2010. The purpose of diamond grinding is to improve ride quality and shape, reinstate service texture and reinstate skid resistance. This presentation reports on trials of low noise diamond grinding in NSW, Australia with analysis of performance monitoring results and comparison...

New Developments in Rapid Set Concrete Slab Replacements

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Current and future eras are seeing an operational environment where road occupancy for pavement maintenance or repairs will be severely restricted under conditions of maximising availability for service traffic and access to roadside properties. A key driving force for concrete pavement slab replacement, where required, is the need to use...

New Method of Paving Concrete Production

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Modern concrete pavements are based on sophisticated blends of cements, often containing SCM, graded nonreactive aggregates and various admixtures, all of which are aimed at producing the most durable pavement possible. Placement techniques also incorporate the use of various curing compounds, which again are aimed at producing durable concrete. However,...

The Role of Quality Assurance in Delivering Long-Life Concrete Pavements

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The fundamental goal of any pavement design and construction project is to provide a pavement system that will survive the predicted traffic and environment for the pavement design life. Structural design is primarily considered as the way to meet that goal. Concrete mixtures and construction practices are generally assumed to...

ASCP 2nd Concrete Pavements Conference 2013

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ASCP Presentation 001 Conference Overture John Hodgkinson ASCP Paper 01 ASCP Presentation 01 Construction of the New Silk Road (Western China to Western Europe Transport Corridor) David Dash ASCP Paper 02 Key Components in Long Term Sustainability of Concrete Pavement Systems Dan Zollinger ASCP Presentation 02 Sustainability Considerations for PCC...

Concrete materials, testing, design and construction


Constraints in using Manufactured Sands RMS Scope of Works & Technical Criteria Early Entry Sawing Shrinkage Ring Beam testing The Case for Concrete Roads Manufactured Sands - Research Full Width Paving - induced crack Eraring Flyash Quality

Purpose and Goals of the New European Concrete Paving Association (EUPAVE)


This presentation outlines the history of concrete pavement associations in Europe and the informed rationale behind the formation of EUPAVE. Please note this presentation is in .pps format