A Study of Ground Performance for Rigid Pavement Design: Pacific Highway Upgrade at the Warrell Creek Floodplain

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The alignment of the proposed Pacific Highway upgrade between Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads traverses five (5) major floodplain areas underlain by deep soft alluvium sediments. The low bearing capacity and high compressibility of foundation soils were found to attract significant ground settlements, with differential settlements to adversely impact the...

CRCP Rehabilitation Design to Rectify Mine Subsidence Damage on M1 Motorway

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This paper details the concrete reinforced concrete pavement rehabilitation design required to rectify the damage due mine subsidence on the M1 Motorway north of Cockle Creek Killingworth. Concrete pavement settlements had been monitored from July 2003 to November 2010 at a series of locations along the northbound and southbound carriageways....

Active Crack Control in CRC Pavement – Trials undertaken on the Kempsey Bypass Project

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This paper summarises the results of a preliminary trial to validate a localised application of controlled induced cracking (active crack control, ACC) in continuously reinforced concrete pavements (CRCP) with local construction practices and conditions. ACC is currently being investigated in Europe. The work sought to gauge the merit of developing...

Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement Terminal Design

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In rigid (concrete) pavement design and construction the word “terminal” is used to describe the termination of a concrete pavement abutting other “structures” such as a flexible pavement, a bridge abutment, or another concrete pavement where structural continuity is impractical or undesirable. A discontinuity in grade caused by the differential...

Foreshore Road Port Botany NSW Australia’s First Slipformed Concrete Road Pavement A 37-Year Review

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Slipform construction of concrete road pavements began in the USA in the late 1940s. It was introduced in Australia in 1978/79 and is now the preferred form of construction and used wherever practicable. Australia’s first slipformed concrete pavement, Foreshore Road at Botany Bay in Sydney, about 4km in length with...

The Role of Quality Assurance in Delivering Long-Life Concrete Pavements

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The fundamental goal of any pavement design and construction project is to provide a pavement system that will survive the predicted traffic and environment for the pavement design life. Structural design is primarily considered as the way to meet that goal. Concrete mixtures and construction practices are generally assumed to...

ASCP 1st Concrete Pavements Conference 2011 – brochure


Registration fees include GST. A Tax Invoice will be issued on payment of fees. Fees include attendance at the Conference, a CD containing papers presented, attendance at the Conference Dinner. Includes all meals and refreshments. Payment must be made at least ten ( 10 ) working days prior to the...

Purpose and Goals of the New European Concrete Paving Association (EUPAVE)


This presentation outlines the history of concrete pavement associations in Europe and the informed rationale behind the formation of EUPAVE. Please note this presentation is in .pps format

Concrete pavements major projects database, Industrial pavements project report – joint system solution, Concrete supply to major road infrastructure projects, CCAA industry support, Vehicle detector loops, Curing compounds


ABOUT THIS FORUM Picking up where RMS left off, ASCP has liberated and extended a list of concrete pavement major projects to an online environment for access and editing. Project records extend as far back as 1975 and record key attributes of each project, such as type, contractor, year open...

Noise, rehabilitation and update from ISCP


Feedback on road/tyre noise from overseas conferences Preservation Repair & Rehabilitation - A Tinni Rehabilitation with Diamond Grinding - P Miskell Repairing CRCP - G Ayton Update on International Concrete Pavements - G Vorobieff

Concrete overlays. Project reports & updates. Field trials – LNDG. Materials – joint sealants, fibres, GFRP


ABOUT THIS FORUM The recent concrete overlay workshops delivered by Gary Fick and Dale Harrington from the USA created much interest in the pavement community including RMS. Our forum will open with some feedback from the workshops by ASCP and RMS. As our industry gears up for pavement works on...

CRCP vs PCP, Retiring Concrete Pavements – ASCP Forum Online 25 June, 2020


CRCP vs PCP - Dr Anna-Carin Brink 2020 Rehabilitation of Retired Concrete Pavements - J Moss 2020