Sydneys Western Freeway (Mar 1983)

CCA Road Note 19 by Cement and Concrete Association

On 16th December 1982 the Hon. Neville Wran, Premier of New South Wales, opened two new sections of the F4 Western Freeway near Sydney. The comibined length of almost 9 km is made up of 5.8 km between Strathfield and Silverwater, and 3 km between Parramatta and Mays Hill Figure 1. The freeway pavement is continuously reinforced concrete (CRC) which is cost-effective in terms of construction and long-term maintenance costs. It has been designed and built to last well into the 21st century. At 1982 prices the cost of providing the CRC pavement is less than 3c per vehicle-trip, based on a conservative estimate of traffic volumes over its economic life. By comparison, at current petrol prices each motorist travelling over the length of this Freeway will spend between 40 and 45c on fuel.

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