ASCP Forum – Maintenance of Concrete Road Pavements – Specifications & Materials


Sydney has a very large network of State and Local Government concrete roads built from the mid 1920s to the 1950s.  There is an increasing need for slab replacements, but with worksite access typically limited to a single night shift.  Using CSA rapid set cement, there are now 12 years...

ASCP Forum – November 17 2020


ASCP Forum November 17 2020. Justin Moss - ASCP Report Strategy and Lookahead 2021 Justin Moss - ASCP2021 eConference Update Basil Ben - TfNSW Update Geoff Ayton - ASCP Training Geoff Ayton - Concrete Roundabouts Tim Buckingham Jones - Roundabout Design Daniel Lee - Macrosynthetic Fibres

ASCP Forum – October 20 2020


Presentations from ASCP Forum - October 20 2020. Tim Nash - Partnering for innovative solutions in concrete paving Luc Ramalinga - Airport Infrastructure - From History to the Future Ben Wade - ISCA Net Zero

Concrete Roundabouts

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Agenda Why concrete roundabouts? Thickness design summary Jointing design summary Construction principles and practices (Geoff Ayton) Concrete roundabout industry resources (Geoff Ayton) Q&A

Concrete Roundabouts – fundamentals of design and construction principles


Presentation by Geoff Ayton on design and construction of concrete roundabouts.  

Partnering for innovative solutions in concrete paving: A tour of a few key concrete states in North America


Tim Nash presents on Partnering for innovative solutions in concrete paving. The presentation covers: General overview of US concrete paving market (Covid effect, spending outlook and market characteristics) Paving manufacturer focuses (mold design, frame/chasis design, control systems, attachments) Discussion of various recent projects (Interstate, local roads, safety barriers)

Macro Synthetic Fibres – Potential Uses in Pavements [MSFRC]


Presentation Overview What are Macro Synthetic Fibres Review of Current Practice (Global, National, Domestic & SRAs/DoTs) Current and potential applications Recommendations What are Macro Synthetic Fibres? Available commercially since the early 2000s Intended to be used as a replacement for steel mesh reinforcement and not for structural steel design. Manufactured...

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Pavimentos De Hormigón Sostenibles: Reducido Impacto Ambiental De Los Pavimentos De Hormigón (Pavement Note 002) [Spanish, español]

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LOS PAVIMENTOS DE HORMIGÓN Y SU REDUCIDO IMPACTO AMBIENTAL Los pavimentos de hormigón causan menor impacto ambiental que los pavimentos asfálticos. Esta nota resume los últimos hallazgos que comparan los aspectos de sostenibilidad de las dos principales opciones de pavimentos para tráfico pesado. A su vez, proporciona a los organismos...

ASCP Corporate Membership


Overview Technical representation of industry to clients Education of staff through training courses, workshops, conferences and forums Networking and sharing of information and experiences with other members Participation in ASCP committees and workgroups Online technical resources Promotional opportunities at ASCP events and on website Recognition at all ASCP events and...

ASCP Strategy 2021


This document sets out the strategic themes to be focussed on in 2021. Updates 15th June 2021: Sustainability elevated in importance Upgrades renamed "Renewals" (pending review by NE)

Pavement Type Selection: What is the Ideal Process?


Pavement type selection is often one of the more challenging and controversial decisions highway administrators face. The process involves weighing engineering factors such as materials, structural, and even long term performance against initial and life-cycle costs to help agencies decide between various pavement alternatives. Given the expenditure of significant public...

A Study of Ground Performance for Rigid Pavement Design: Pacific Highway Upgrade at the Warrell Creek Floodplain

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The alignment of the proposed Pacific Highway upgrade between Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads traverses five (5) major floodplain areas underlain by deep soft alluvium sediments. The low bearing capacity and high compressibility of foundation soils were found to attract significant ground settlements, with differential settlements to adversely impact the...