ASCP2021 6th Concrete Pavements (e)Conference – Proceedings

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Outline 2020 tested our flexural capacity and at times strained our mental tensile strength to 85% yield. To maintain tradition, ASCP has worked hard to develop a unique line-up of papers and delivery format for its 6th Concrete Pavements Conference which was delivered in August 2021. Like previous biennial conferences,...

New Developments in Rapid Set Concrete Slab Replacements

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Current and future eras are seeing an operational environment where road occupancy for pavement maintenance or repairs will be severely restricted under conditions of maximising availability for service traffic and access to roadside properties. A key driving force for concrete pavement slab replacement, where required, is the need to use...

Latest Developments for Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) in USA

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Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) is a no slump concrete that is placed by a high density paver and compacted with vibratory rollers similar to asphalt pavement construction. RCC has long history of good performance as a pavement for ports, container yards and manufacturing plants. This paper will summarise a recent...

Pavement Design Methodologies for Port and External Heavy Duty Pavements

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There are few methodologies for the structural pavement design of port and external heavy duty pavements. Traditionally, the pavement design of heavy-duty pavements has been considered a high risk area due to the high proportion of failures and their cost implications (operational and repair). Due to the lack of specific...

Joint Free Restrained Slabs – SFRC combined with mesh

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Controlling cracking to acceptable levels in concrete structures requires accurate detailing and good construction practices. This is more prevalent in ground supported slabs that are typically detailed to avoid cracks occurring under service stresses. Detailing the slab to avoid these cracks puts a number of limitations on the floor design...

New Method of Paving Concrete Production

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Modern concrete pavements are based on sophisticated blends of cements, often containing SCM, graded nonreactive aggregates and various admixtures, all of which are aimed at producing the most durable pavement possible. Placement techniques also incorporate the use of various curing compounds, which again are aimed at producing durable concrete. However,...

Geopolymer and High Volume Fly Ash Concrete for Pavements

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Much interest has been shown in improving the sustainable performance of concrete. The use of cement replacement materials and geopolymer concrete offers benefits in terms of reduced carbon footprint and enhanced properties. This paper reviews the properties of geopolymer concrete and concrete with high levels of cement replacement materials relevant...

Use of Manufactured Sand in Concrete Pavement

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Recent research by the Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) focused on the selection of manufactured sands for general concrete applications and for concrete road pavements. Selected manufactured sands can be used as part of the fine aggregates to deliver workable concrete for general applications and to provide good skid...

Implications of Using Manufactured Fine Aggregates in Concrete Pavements

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The International Center for Aggregates Research has been performing research on the use of manufactured fine aggregates (MFA) for over 15 years. The first issue was the high amounts of micro fines, i.e. minus 75 μmm, that typically exceed the amounts permitted by ASTM C33 in the production of concrete....

Purpose and Goals of the New European Concrete Paving Association (EUPAVE)


This presentation outlines the history of concrete pavement associations in Europe and the informed rationale behind the formation of EUPAVE. Please note this presentation is in .pps format

ASCP Forum Sydney 22 Jun, 2009


Flyer to be provided by Kevin Abrams Presentations by: Robert Smith - Airports Shane Dunstan - Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement Brian Shackel - Interlocking Block Paving John Knapton - Ports Bruce Rodway - Airports Weeks White - Construction & Geotechnical

Combined Reinforcing – The Right Solution for Container Parks and Other Heavy Duty Pavements


Combined Reinforcing is fast becoming recognised and proven as the right solution for Container Parks and other Heavy Duty Pavements. In these sorts of pavements the first areas that are prone to breaking down or requiring maintenance under the very high loads that are being applied are often the joints...