Paving The Way Forward In 2022: President’s Address

Achievement Highlights for 2021

Although 2021 was another challenging year, the ASCP increased the number of events and activities using online delivery. For example, ASCP’s 6th Pavements Conference, TfNSW Grey Card Courses, Jointing and Structural Detailing and Principles and Practices courses.

Corporate members involved with the ASCP played a vital role in the viability of the ASCP in the last year. In 2022, we continue to expand our partnering agreements, striking new agreements with Austroads, CCAA, EuPave and ARRB.

Craig Heidrich (HBM Group) was appointed Executive Director in November 2021, as part of a planned transition from our loyal friend, Kevin Abrams who was to retire in December, but sadly passed away in October. Throughout the challenges presented, Craig and his team have done an admirable job at adapting quickly into the role and readying the ASCP for 2022. Read the full summary here.

Strategic Focus for 2022

For 2022, the National Executive has mapped out focus areas for ongoing organisational improvement to the membership value proposition.  One central key is to maximise the improvements and investments made to our website, regular Score Card reporting to members, so our members can get more out of our services. Read the full summary here

As outlined in our 2022 strategy report, we will continue to work on Pavement Notes (Maintenance, Overlays and Roller Compacted Concrete) that will then be updated on the website. There will also be a focus on continuing work on the proposed defect repair drawings for new work.  Numerous Events are planned for 2022. Check out one of our upcoming Forums and Training Courses

First Forum for 2022

ASCP Forum (F2F) – Pavement Maintenance and Upgrades, Annual General Meeting, Occasional Speaker, Inaugural Industry Awards Evening – Tues, 1 March 2022

Training Events

[Waitlist] – ASCP Jointing & Structural Detailing for Concrete Pavements

[Waitlist] – ASCP Principles and Practices for Concrete Pavements

[Waitlist] – TfNSW Grey Card: Concrete Basics Training R82/R83

ASCP Jointing & Structural Detailing for Concrete Pavements

We look forward to working with you in the year forthcoming and hope to continue working together for the future of ASCP.

Founded in 2007, the Australian Society for Concrete Pavements (ASCP) is an Australian not-for-profit organisation with the primary aims of; facilitate improvements in the design, construction and quality of concrete pavements in Australia using tools such as education, technology transfer and research.  Learn more about the ASCP here 


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