Define, promote, and organise ASCP2021 6th Concrete Pavements Conference [Jamie, Daniel B/Greg S, JK Williams, Arup, James W, Nouas, Hossein, IT?] Identify themes (NE + CMs: 5) Develop Call for Abstracts (with rough indication of structure) Determine format, keynotes, workshop topics, sponsorship and dates – 16-20 papers x Tu/Thu  3...

EBPearls Test

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Forums and Workshops

Organise topics/speakers, coordinate and promote NE members: TBJ, DS Non NE members: Basil Ben, Michael Heathwood, Jason Chandler, Craig Hodder, Nayana Weerakody, John Lancaster, Peter Bryant Identify themes for the year, review– xls (NE) Convert leads to a program (Working Group) Review outputs at NE meeting

Media/Communication Publishing

Stories, indexing, LinkedIn/Twitter/Insta] Tracey Thein, Caleb Hayde (Simeon) FB value?

Membership and Stakeholder interaction

Attract, maintain and encourage new corporate members

Pavement Notes

Identify Strategy-related outputs Craig Hodder

Register of Concrete Pavements (RCP)

Justin, Todd, Peter B, David Slingsby, Eduardo


Identify skills gaps, define course content

Website Content Curation & Testing

Lovingly curate Resources content: Title Subtitle (What Who Where When) Description Document Type Pavement Application Topic and Description Tasks - Review 800 articles, papers and presentations for title, subitile and description accuracy Members: James Walker, Caleb Hayde, John Hodgkinson and Justin Moss Testing Thoroughly test draft website against specification Members:...