TfNSW: Workshop 04: Environmental Sustainability – Standards and Specifications

TfNSW would like to invite you to Workshop 04: Environmental Sustainability – Standards and Specifications. Taking place on Friday 4 November 2022 at 10 am, the workshop will identify barriers in standards and specifications, and co-create appropriate solutions to accelerate decarbonisation and transition to a circular asset model.

This online workshop will focus on identifying the challenges we face to increase the use of recycled content and utilising net-zero thinking in our standards and specifications, including concrete, steel, asphalt, and granular materials.

Additionally, standards and specifications will be a key focal point, along with the current concessions process to Transport standards, and how we co-create solutions to bring on sustainability innovation to projects.

Mr Daksh Baweja, Honorary Associate in Civil Engineering at the University of Technology in Sydney, and Director of BG&E Materials Technology will also be joining to facilitate the workshop.

This is the fourth instalment of tfNSW’s Sustainable Procurement in Infrastructure workshops aimed at co-creating solutions that are fit for purpose and work for both Transport and industry.

Register below to secure your spot before 5pm Wednesday 2 November.

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