Structural design of concrete pavements

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Under present economic conditions the use of bitumen is being reduced as much as possible. For more than twenty years the application of semi-rigid pavements has revealed the drawbacks but also the advantages of such structures. The chief advantage is their low cost, which can be further reduced if the...

Connecting devices between concrete road pavements and existing highway structures

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Civil engineering structures, such as bridges, flyovers and underbridges, are discontinuities in a concrete road. Usually, the concrete pavement has to be cut across and in those cases, such as small underbridges, where the concrete pavement can be laid without any discontinuity, differential settlements between embankment and structure have to...

Results of measurements on concrete roads

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Besides theoretical work, investigations on specimens in the l~boratory and practical tests, in-situ measurements provide the means of assessing and further developing new concrete pavement systems. It emerges that, apart from the behaviour of a c?nc7e~e pavement at an early age (random cracking), s~gn4flcant changes (e.g., sinking, opening of joints....