Development of Low Noise Diamond Grinding in NSW

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Conventional diamond grinding using modern mobile equipment has been successfully used in NSW since 2010. RMS continues to make refinements to the application of this well proven surface treatment for concrete and asphalt pavements. The Next Generation Concrete Surface (NGCS) is claimed to be the quietest concrete pavement surface texture...

Development of RCC (USA), Getting concrete pavements on the road & open more quickly

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This Presentation on Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) experience in the U.S.A outlines: What is RCC and RCCP? Does it have a place on Australian projects? Is RCC still Slipformed Concrete’s Ugly sister? Application Examples of RCCP – Roads – Industrial Why is North America leading the world?

The Advantages of Furnace Bottom Ash Products in Providing Pavement Ground support in Soft Soils and Wet Weather.

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With more concrete pavements being constructed over soft soil foundations, the use of coal combustion products, such as furnace (bottom) ash, to provide bridging of soft areas and reduced construction risk by being able to be placed insitu in wet weather, becomes more critical. The use of such materials in...