Use of Roller Compacted Concrete RCC in Norway

Paper by NAIMAK from ISCR 6th 1990

The first Ree full scale testing project in Norway took place in 1981. Since then appr. 260.000 m2 Ree have been placed. The use of Ree in roads in Norway has been directed by the following main principles: 1. Ree shall be a pavement with good bearing capacity, good resistance against studs and well suitable for use in tunnels. 2. The concrete shall be a moderate cost material with a simple composition mixed in ordinary stationary and mobile mixers. 3. The surface of Ree shall have evenness so good that it should not be necessary to use asfalt overlayer. 4. The concrete must have a consistence enabling it to be placed with paver and compacted with rollers. The Ree must also allow instant loading of traffic.

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