Use of Fast Track Concrete Paving for Restoration Work

Paper by HENDRIKX from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

Many roads in Belgium, both main and secondary, are in need of modernisation or repairs. The surface area of old concrete pavements that are thus concerned on an annual basis is estimated at approximately half a million m2 . The inconvenience to the user caused by this type of work can now be significantly reduced by using fast-track concrete paving and by constructing subbases made of roller compacted concrete. The following characteristics are important for such concrete pavements: • high cement content of 450 kg/rn 3, • high content of super-plasticizer, • low W/C ration, less than 0,35. Roller compacted concrete is known for its regular granulometric curve (0/20) and its cement content of around 225 kg/rn3 Several regional roads in the Flemish Brabant region have been successfully repaired using this method (more than 30.000 m2).

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