Use of Fast Track Concrete Construction in the USA

Paper by KNUTSON VOIGT from ISCR 7th 1994 Vienna Austria

Fast track concrete pavement technology provides alternatives that can meet the public's demand for quick access to quality pavements. Fast track concrete pavement construction entails any method of accelerating construction. Some changes in tradicional use and consideration of certain aspects ot concrete pavement construction accompany fast track. However, fast track concrete mixes do not require sophisticated materials or techniques. Contractors can place high-early strength concrete pavement using standard slipform equipment. The materials and methods necessary to attain the high early strengths are readily available and the concept is used successfully for almost all types of concrete pavement in the United States. The ultimate factor for fast track construction is determining when traffic can begin to use the new pavement. The basis for this decision should be made on evaluation of strength not time.

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