Urban Works in Cement Concrete: Cross Experiments Between the Road World and the Street World

Paper by OURY ABDO CHRISTORY from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

The street is not a road because it fulfils multiple functions as a travel, social, cultural and economic space. The choice and organisation of surfacing play an important role, which must be clearly identified by roadway players. Cement concrete in all its urban forms occupies a place of choice in this context, and the paper shows how an urban community among the most renown for urban planning in France organised itself so as to master completely the wide range of solutions offered by cement concrete and has been able to innovate positively in the corresponding fields of application. Innovative techniques with significant feedback from completed projects are described, such as bonded thin cement concrete (whitetopping) on a highway bridge, new structures using concrete paving blocks and flagstones, as well as a cycle path in continuously reinforced concrete, all of which represent well-designed and well-executed works completed to the greatest satisfaction of citizens.

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