Transformation of the N49 Antwerp-Knokke into the Highway E34

Paper by DE WINNE DE BACKER from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

This article gives an overview of the work that has been done so far to transform the N49 Antwerp- Knokke into highway E34. The work involved fits in with the major overhaul of the N49 between Antwerp and Knokke as far as the E34 motorway. According to the Flanders Regional Planning Programme (RPP) the E34 (N49) belongs to the “main road” category. As the intersections on a motorway with other roads have to be achieved exclusively on different levels, the original at-grade road intersections, with traffic arrangements based on three-color lights, were replaced by interchanges with solely grade-separated crossings. Apart from the smoother traffic flow, the new interchanges also guarantee better traffic safety for all road users. Apart from a review of the techniques used to build the various engineering structures, attention will also be paid to the new road system, which was mainly renewed using the overlay (inlay) technique. It is obvious that concrete plays a major role in this transformation, not only for the engineering structures, but also for the road system. The most principal pavement reconstruction technique, the CRCP inlay, will be discussed more in detail. An overview of the most recent projects will be presented.

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