Thin Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Overlays and Inlays

Paper by VERHOEVEN VANCRAOYNEST from ISCR 7th 1994 Vienna Austria

Between 1982 aiid 1989, 8 thin overlay test sections were constructed with a total surface area of 129.000 m2 . The relevant research project is carried out with a view to the necessary future renovation of part of the Belgium road network. All sections were built with 10 to 12 cm steel fiber reinforced concrete. Much depends 011 the care and technical skills in laying the concrete to achieve an optimum and homogeneous bond to the underlying layer. The poorest results are obtained with "concrete on concrete". Performance may be called good on an underlying layer of bituminous material - vidief a L milled old asphalt pavement or a regulating course on an old concrete pavement.

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