Thin Continuously Reinforced Concrete and Steel Fffire Reinforced Concrete Overlays – Performance Affer Three to Eight Years

Paper by VERHOEVEN from ISCR 6th 1990

Since 1982 experimental sections of thin overlays have been constructed for an amount of 171.000 m'. Eight of these sections are made of 10 to 12 cm thick steel fibre reinforced concrete, six of them on a bituminous underlayer and two on old concrete pavement. Four other sections should verify the possibilities presented by thin (12 and 14cm) continuously reinforced concrete. Bond at the interface (on concrete or on asphalt), tested with a shear device identical to the one used in Iowa U.S.A., has been evaluated. All in all, experience with fibre reinforced and thin CRCP overlays is good on a bituminous underlayer. Overlays «concrete on concrete» do not behave as well.

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