The Use of Urban Solid Waste Slags in Soil Cement and Cement Bound Granular Materials

Paper by PIZZOCHERO PASETTO from ISCR 6th 1990

Researchers and Technicians have ascertained that the use of ppropriate substitution materials in cement stabilizations and nixtures during the construction of road-base, sub-base and oundation layers allows to simultaneously fulfill technical-tructural, economical and environmental-ecological require-nents,~s an alternative by-product, Urban Solid Waste Ashes and:lags have been tested in a laboratory in order to compare theirhysical, mechanical and biochemical properties, versus thoseequired and allowed to "traditional" aggregates.'his paper writes about the most remarkable results of ourtudy, carried out by checking several differentiated mixtures,tandards in force, by means of reiterated mechanical, geotech-tical and bio-toxicological tests

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