The Use of Seismic Tests to Assess the Properties of Portland Cement Concrete During Curing

Paper by RIX BAY STOKOE from ISCR 6th 1990

«In situ» measurements of surface wavevelocityon two prototype concrete slabs indicate that seismic measurements offer a reliable alternative to con-ventional penetration resistance and cylinder com-pression tests for determining the stiffness of Port-land cement concrete during curing. The surfacewave velocity was determined using a nondestruc-tiveand nonintrusive technique called the SpectralAnalysis of Surface Waves (SASW) method.Both the surface wave velocity and penetration re-sistance exhibit similar rates of increase during theinitial stages of curing, suggesting that «in situ»measurements of surface wave velocity are poten-tially useful for assessing the degree of curingwhich has occurred. At later stages of curing,values of Young's moduli calculated from «in si-tu» seismic tests agree wellwith values of Young'smodulus from cylinder compression tests.

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