The Road Retreatment Plant Arc 700

Paper by SAINTON from ISCR 6th 1990

The retreatment of old cement pavement is an old technique hat needed rustic equipment coming from agricultural equip-nent or very often meant for the stabilisation in place of fine.oils.faking into account the scatter of measuring out of Portland:ement, the lack of power and efficiency of the mixing equip-nent, this technique was used on low traffic pavements. The-rench firm BEUGNET, thanks to its knowledge about the inilace treatment of motorway subgrades has designed and built a.pecific equipment with two units, one meant to gauge and.pread the Portland cement (ARC Gauging), the other one thenilling and mixing of the mixture binder aggregate (ARC 700);he innovating equipment insures a very good homogeneity ofreared materials at 33 cm deep.I'he follow up of these projects showed the good behaviour ofhe treated materials, the thicknesses and the expected mechani-:al properties very close to those observed in laboratory. TheRC 700 bas done up to now over 2.000.000 m2 in France andibroad (over 300.000 m2 in Holland) and its industrial outlet isruccessful.

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