The Monselice Experimental Road a Performance Analysis After 5 Years Service

Paper by CANGIANO URSELLA from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

The continuously reitifoteed concrete road executed in Monselice (Padua, Italy) is mainly devoted to heavy traffic. During construction works, the road had been fitted with suitably devised equipment to monitor the operating performance over a sufficiently long time period. The present paper is aimed at gathering significant data recorded in 5 years of service. Instrumental data have been adequately integrated with the results of a comprehensive investigation aimed at monitoring also the status of concrete and the cracking evolution. In addition to cracking analysis, cores were taken to characterise concrete alone as well as the steel reinforcement concrete interface. The continuous monitoring effected throughout the service life of the structure along with recent site measurements has provided us with encouraging information on to the type of road pavement used with special regard to its long term performance.

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