The Influence of Size and Hardness of Sand Particles and their Proportions on the Skid Resistance of Cement Mortars


irnestone and emery sands divided into 6 fractions, were used ,cast cement mortar specimens in PSV moulds. After 28-day ater curing the specimens were subjected to accelerated ilishing and their Skid Resistance Value (SRV) was measured ith the pendulum tester. Specimens of 100 % limestone or )0 % emery sand, of constant grading were prepared, together ith specimens of the same grading, but with one fraction at-a-ne being replaced by emery or concluded, mat the finer fractions are more effective influencing me SRVs of mortars. It was thus possible. byplacing only the 0.297/0.149 fraction of a limestone sand withe same fraction of emery, to acquire a SRV about 90 % of the~V of mortar containing entirely emery sand.

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