The Influence of Friction Between Layers on Surface Deflections of Rigid Composite Pavement Structures

Paper by AL NAGEIM LESLEY from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

The paper presents the influence of friction between layers on surface detlections of rigid composite pavement structures. Pavement structures were analysed using BISAR Programme and non- destructive testing technique under different bonding conditions between the asphalt and the concrete layers. The analysis of the data involves the use of hack-calculation techniques to estimate the moduli of the various layers of the pavement structure. These moduli are used to assess the pavement integrity and its residual life (the remaining life, in terms of millions of standard axle) coupled with the future traffic requirements to decide the selection of remedial work such as overlay, partial or complete reconstruction. The paper describes the iiiipoitalice of including the friction coefficient between the concrete base and the asphalt surface layers in determining more accurate values for the pavement properties. The results indicate that the interface conditions between the asphalt and concrete layers will influence significantly the surface deflections of the pavement and therefore the whole back-calculated pavement properties including residual life.

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