The Dutch Visual Inspection Method and Standards for Levels of Maintenance of Concrete Roads

Paper by KONING VAN DEN BELD from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

In view of the evaluation of the Pavement Management System used in the Netherlands, this system will be made suitable for concrete pavements. Thcrefore two main elements of thp cyctem, the visual inspection method and standards for levels of maintenance for concrete pavements has been developed. The visual inspection method contains a rough and a detailed inspection. The rough inspection will be used on tile network level for the mid term planning of major maintenance works and the necessary budgets. The detailed inspection will be used for special case such as conveyance of roads, research and pavement advice on the project level. The damages which are inspected, their extent and seriousness, have been defined in a damage catalogue. The standard lcvcls of maintenance will be used to determine, if a concrete pavement is due for maintenance. Maintenance levels are developed for the same damages used in the visual inspection method, both for the rough and the detailed inspection. The levels of maintenance are based upon an extensive survey among road managers, and a field verification by a panel of road users.

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