The Design of Concrete Block Pavements For Urban Roads

Paper by HOUBEN VAN DER VLIST from ISCR 6th 1990

This design method for concrete block road pavements applies to block pavements (under normal road traffic), consisting of rectangular paving blocks (thickness ~ 80 mm) in herringbone bond, 50 mm crushed sand bedding layer, eventually an unbound base, and a sand sub-base. The design criterion for such pavements is rutting. Six design charts were derived: one for pavements with a sand sub-base only, covering a subgrade with Eo = 30 to 140 Nzmm', and five for pavements with a unbound base and a sand sub-base, for Eo = 30, 40, 60, 100 and 140 Nz'mm! respectively. Some worked-out design examples are added to illustrate the use of the charts, which can be used in The Netherlands as well as in other countries under similar conditions.

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