The Construction of Underground Concrete Roadways at Finsch Diamond Mine (South Africa)

Paper by PERRIE SILVERTON from ISCR 7th 1994 Vienna Austria

In this paper the different types of underground roadways, the development of the design of in situ concrete paving and the problems of designing for these special conditions are discussed. These include the use of moisture sensitive subgrade/subbase, very irregular founding conditions, varying and even dynamic loading due to blast vibrations and the fact that maintenance of roadways is difficult. The rnnstnjction methods and techniques are discussed with special reference to the unique problems found and how they were addressed. These include the limited sources of construction materials, the logistics of supply (1ioti the surface to the underground), poor working r.nnditions, water seepage and restricted access. The paper illustrates how the application of an appropriate design method and the optimization of the construction practice have resulted in a cost effective solution for underground paving.

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