The Construction of the Rosario – Cordoba Highway An Emblematic Project of the Road Activity in Argentina

Paper by PERRET SANZIANI from ISCR 11th 2010 Seville Spain

Due to the magnitude of the project, its characteristics, and the economic and cultural development of the region where it settles, the construction of the Rosario – Cordoba Highway represents an emblematic project of the road activity in Argentina. A singularity of this motorway is that it has been built on a new path parallel to the old road emplacement and has a safe and modern design, according to the current traffic needs of the region. Most of the sections were executed in concrete pavements, using slipform pavers, high production concrete plants and high-performance equipment for cement treated bases construction. The magnitude of the project and the widespread use of these technologies registered in this country during the last decade, have shown the capacity and the strengths of rigid pavement construction. This paper describes the most relevant aspects of the project, which demanded the construction of about 500 km of concrete pavements, over 70 bridges, numerous intersections and major drainage structures. And above all, two of its main actors, review the different strategies and logistics aspects implemented by their companies for the execution of the project, which involved more than 1.2 million cubic meters of concrete.

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