The Chemical Characterization of Admixtures For Cement Concrete

Paper by ISTA VERBASSEIT from ISCR 6th 1990

Although the Belgian standards provide for quality control of idrnixtures for cement concrete, it is interesting to complement his information by a more thorough chemical identification. this makes it possible to increase the economic advantages vhich result from their use. nfrared spectrographic investigation, which enables the ategory of basic chemical constituents - and, possibly, the vay they are mixed - to be determined, is followed by the dentification of the chemical nature of the major mineral con-tituents by means of emission spectrometry, using the "knowndditions" method. Total sulphur and sulphates are determined'y gravimetry and chlorides by titrimetry.'he interpretation of these measurements leads to a sure iden-ification of the nature of the admixture and to the detection ofonstituents that adversely affect the behaviour of cement con-rete.

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