The Building of PCC Pavements in the High Plateau (Altiplano) of Bolivia

Paper by SORUCO from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

The High Plateau (known as Altiplano) in Bolivia has unique climate. The high altitude, over 4000 m above sea level, relative humidity, as low as 20% and daily temperature ranges between 25° C max. day down to – 10°C at night during winter time, impose special construction processes for concreting and curing of the pavement. This paper describes the process of instrumentation of a test section and road sections to control the curing method using cotton mats. Temperature sensors were used to extensively check the temperature of the concrete and a weather station verified temperatures ranging from 25° C to – 10° C whereas the concrete temperature ranged from 20° C to 8° C. The use of the cotton mats during the first three to four days after pouring the concrete was successful in avoiding freeze damage to the concrete and was also very important to the concrete strength development and thus to the performance of the concrete slabs.

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