The Belgian Experience with Stabilisation by Recycling in Situ with Cement

Paper by SION CHOMIS VERBRUGGE from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

The paper presents the progress to date of various worksites where stabilisation by recycling in situ with cement has been applied. This technique, which is the best way of recycling the existing road, consists in fact in mixing on site cement with the readily available crushed stones. It requires little or no tranport, except for a generally very small quantity of additive, cement and water. In spite of the considerable efforts that have been made in this field, the experience in Belgium has for a period of 8 years been limited to 213,500 m 2. Nevertheless, thanks to the achievements, detailed guidelines have been established and, generally speaking, the results obtained are very satisfactory. However, the necessary willingness to iiivest in new techniques has been thin on the ground. The current policy adopted by the regions in the field of environmental protection should be sufficient to give new impetus to develop this technology.

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