The Application of the Selected Cements in Building Concrete Pavements of the Rural Roads in Poland

Paper by FALE?SKA from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

For the present Polish Catalogue of Typical Concrete Pavements is published. This document allows to apply cements CEM II and CEM III besides CEM I in road constructions. In order to verification of usefulness these cements, the experiment concrete pavement with CEM II and CEM III and for comparison CEM I was made. The paper describes all the stages of the road building: - preparation and design of the concrete mix components including the three selected cements with quality control research programme, - description of the technical and technological conditions for building concrete pavement, - building of the concrete pavement. The paper analyses results of the concrete tests carried out during laying pavement and from cores cut out after 28 days from three different sections. On the basis of the results a preliminary analysis to suitability of selected cements in building the concrete rural road was made.

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