Test Sections of Noiseless Cement Concrete Pavements

Paper by CAESTECKER from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

Halfway through 1996, six different wearing courses were casted over a length of 3 km on the N255 Edingeri-Ninovc at Ilcrnc and Gaimaarden. 4 Different wearing courses each 4 cm thick, were casted on a continuously reinforced concrete pavement. In addition to the conventional wearing courses SMA 0/14 and ZOAB 0/14, a ZOB 0/7 (very porous concrete) and a FINE CONCRETE 0/7 were casted, wet on wet, on the unset continuously reinforced 18 cm base course. The composition and the casting techniques of these concrete mixtures are innovative. The zone containing 4 test sections is bordered by 2 test sections of bituminous composition with a wearing course SMA 0/10 and AB-2 0/10 (with 10/14 crushed gravel). The properties of the different test sections are compared in this contribution. The comparison jesuits show that it is possibic to construct pavements in cement concrete which are as noiseless as bituminous pavements. It has been proven that porous cement concrete pavements, casted wet on wet, are feasible from a technical point of view; its price however, as well as the delicate casting technique, provisionally curb its generalized application.

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