Test-Methods on Road Concrete with a Very Porous Structure

Paper by DE WINNE from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

Research is carried out in the Magnel Laboratory - Ghent University into the properties of road concrete with a very porous structure, enriched with polymer emulsions. The aim of the tests is to optimise the composition of the porous concrete. In this context, the choice of the type of polymer emulsion is the most important question. The criteria for this choice are mainly the mechanical properties, setting behaviour and durability. The research has six broad phases: - cxploratory tcsts - evaluation of the polymer emulsion - tests on simulated road surfaces - durability tcsts - establishing additional properties - definitive composition All tests results, the course of the contraction, the test results about the resistance to traffic damage, and also the noise measurements , will be given.

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